Creative Writing Journal

Journalising is a creative process and searching ideas to make it more interesting is a reasonable choice. So, here are some ideas of filling your journal:

  1. Write down new words which were unknown to you. There are many unique and rare words which do exists by they are infrequently used. Find those words and be a logophile. 
  2. Write down your favorite poems of your favorite authors. Or, you can simply compose yours and scribble it down on your notebook. 
  3. Use it as an inspirational check-out book where you pen down short inspiring stories with the inspiring quotes of successful men. 
  4. Create your own life list where you mention your goals that you’ve to achieve in life. It might relate to adventure or your career, hobbies or your vision
  5. Create a scrap book of your best moments. Pick up the pictures that are really close to your heart, stick it on the notebook and scribble down your feelings about the same. 
  6. Use your notebook for morning briefs. If possible, develop a habit of jotting down your journal after when you wake up and do your initial chores. It might help you to maintain your mood swings. 
  7. If you’re keen about travelling, then you can use your notebook to maintain your travel history. You may record your moments in the form of pictures as well as experiences jotted down as short stories. 
  8. You can maintain your money and budget journal and can creatively lay out your plans about expenditure and savings. 
  9. You can use your new notebook to learn a new language. This way you can express your feelings in multiple ways. 
  10. You can use for your doodling. Sketch or colour, it will be your choice. You can nourish the artist inside you by drawing on the blank pages. 
  11. We all see dreams. Use your notebook as a dream journal where you can write your fantasized stories and create it as an undiscovered book of mystical tales. 
  12. You can title your notebook as ‘Secrets’ or ‘Secrets of a Teenager’ or ‘Secrets of Adulthood’. The titles depict what next you can do to start a new notebook.
  13. Create a music journal where you pen down your favourite lyrics that reverberates your emotions and connects to your feelings.
  14. Write one sentence a day or quote of the day that consolidates your whole day as a learning or an experience.
  15. You can simply convert into your personal diary and write down your everyday experiences in the form of a prose or poetry and save is as your autobiography.
  16. You can curate your daily ideas and new thoughts that come across your mind that you wish to practise them in near future or just want to save them as your creative thoughts.
  17. You can use your notebook as a gratitude journal where you save those memories where you’re appreciated for your personality, work or outlook. Whenever in times of sadness, you can open it up and feel happy about yourselves.
  18. If you’re fond of food and cooking, you can use this notebook to pen down your recipes and diet planning.
  19. You can formulate this as your dream home journal where you can write down about your paradisiacal space with perfect interiors and optimum availabilities. You can take a break from reality.
  20. Many are fond of fashion and new style. So, you may use this as your fashion journal where you can save your inspiration, your new ideas and experiments.
  21. Many of us are writers here. So, why not use this journal to curate creative writing prompts that you could use it according to your mindset and pour down your thoughts over it.
  22. We’ve different topics and subjects that are needed to covered in our different spheres of life for which we need to prepare a plan. So, you can use this as your mind maps journal where you layout the pointers that you need to lay focus upon.
  23. You can use your notebook for jotting down your reading or movies or web series or TV shows list.
  24. If you’re into blogging like me, keep this notebook as a blogger planner. I’ve piles of diaries utilised for this purpose.
  25. You can use this notebook to enhance hand lettering skills. I love calligraphy a lot but it needs a lot of practise and you definitely need a notebook for that.