Creative Writing Quotations

You’re worth it. You’re worth your love more than anyone else deserve in your life.

  1. Learn to respect yourself. Only the spark within you can ignite the soul that can create wonders.
  2. Fire the spark within you. Only it has the tendency to make many eyes not to blink for a long time.
  3. Be proud to be a natural beauty. Learn to carry yourselves in a mess with a beaming smile.
  4. Stay easy for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you seem complicated for the others. Stay in peace with yourself first.
  5. Learn to find happiness in small little things in spite of big human relations.
  6. Happiness is independent. You don’t need to wait for a perfect moment to make your time as a cherished piece of memory. Instead, create your own moment. Your presence in your life as a beautiful individual is enough to make you happy.
  7. I will speak and stand up for myself, whether it’s soar or strong, it’s about me.
  8. No one is perfect but unique.
  9. When you can’t find a ray of hope; be your own sunshine.
  10. No one can judge you, taunt you, or make you feel miserable because of your past or some mistakes you’d repented for. Learn to accept for who you are.
  11. No one is perfect but is beautiful with his own flaws.
  12. Learn to be at your best while being imperfect.
  13. You are at peace when you start priortizing yourself.
  14. Love your soul and the aura surrounding you will be your happy place.
  15. Be a little more like you and a lot less like them.
  16. I wish to hangout in my comfy home and clothes, always!
  17. It’s heavenly to save our souls from our own beasts by the power of our introspective spirit.
  18. When we keep ourselves unaware about our negative surroundings then we find a companion with our little selves that make us feel the best.
  19. The pain in me taught me to love myself. I got to know that no one is here to heal my blisters. In fact, they can add to it. Therefore, I need to prioritize myself. This is my life and I should be fundamental of it.
  20. I need to stay beautiful in my forlorn state and flow smoothly even in the heaviest storms.
  21. I prefer to serve myself with a morning coffee that conveys hot whispers to have a laughter at breakfast, smile like a vibrant rainbow, celebrate my favourite things, and have the silent prayers to keep the vase of my emotions safe and shining.
  22. Love your inner beauty. It’s customary for everyone to strive for a beautiful face.
  23. What is priceless?
  24. You can be enlightened only by the spark igniting within you.
  25. Magnify your happy moments and enlarge your smile.

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