Creative Writing Poetry

The pages of the restless diary unfold. The paralleled leafs displays the raw carvings of the best non-veg writer of the decade. The one who was known for his sensuous imagery and lovemaking was now lost in the myriad of despondency.

Rain summons flashbacks
Dark night of threatening streaks
Curse on soulful love.

She unravels the mysteries of the misjudged. She allows her calculative soul to plunge into a judgement night; not articulated on evidences, but on obscure feelings. The words of his journal converses with her. The metaphors, allusions, repetitions, rhymes, and imageries are making love to her soul. The scribbles define her unadulterated spirit, and not her naked anatomy. She is touched all over but without a materialistic connection. She loves what his memoirs did to her that contradicts her precedent thoughts of indecency towards the non-veg writer.

A dark night unveils
Truth behind moon’s sensations
Floats like autumn leaves.

She is left with void. The forsaken room blames her thoughts and she was incapable of cleaning up her thoughts. She curses her acts but deep down she knows, the writer’s words will not come back to her rescue. The dishonourable thoughts thrash the silent and pure love. She is left with nothing but abandoning feelings of fidelity.

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