The Face Behind Blog


“Just an individual like you who tends to be an introvert yet deep down likes to communicate. I am into writing to express those introspective feelings and convey it in absolute contentment.”

I never believed in conversations because somehow my opinion gets lost and I expect my opinion to be remembered or stored. Due to my this choice, I formed as an introspective battle between my brainy and emotional thoughts. I wasn’t able to discover my introspective soul.

 Then there was an accident which actually strengthened my wits. My stay in the newly visited St. Bedes College unfolded my passion and caliber to write. The literary vibes allowed me to open my enclosed box of emotions. This helped me to develop as a stable individual.



Writing is empowered through inspiration. My primary source of inspiration is my life and experiences. Everything has something unique and extensive to convey. Now, it’s up to our comprehension that how much we can learn and imbibe.

When I talk about my life and experiences, like everyone I’m involved in relationships which we define as our family and friends. Their experiences counts a lot when I come down to write. Their maturity and observation guides me to introspect and retrospect a situation with more versatility that helps me uncover the authentic emotions in my writings.

And, I can say it confidently, that these two sources of inspiration emerged me as a Relationships and Lifestyle Blogger.


The Idea of Nanidiction

Nanidiction is emerged out of my name, Nandini and the word Addiction that I had developed for Writing. In all, Nanidiction means to love your passion and yourself.

So, I will always say that Nanidiction is all about YOU!


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