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Have you heard of this word Zoom before? Of course yes! But apart from relating it to maximizing or minimising pictures, is there any other thing which you could relate to this? Maybe not until now! But, all thanks to this Lockdown that gave us a knowledge that there exists a certain application with the same name too!

Founded back in 2011, Zoom Video Communications has apparently become a crucial part of the corporate world as most of the population has been working from home. With a revenue of 62.2 crores (USD) as in 2019, it is currently the most popular iOS and second popular Android download in the world. 

To give it a thought, what Paytm did during demonetization in 2016 is what Zoom is doing now during the pandemic which has definitely benefitted a huge number of professionals.

Providing features such as Videotelephony, Teleconferencing, Telecommuting, and Distance Education, this app has become a need of the hour for now for and probably some more months to come. It allows one to virtually connect with co-workers or employees when in-person meetings aren’t possible!

Well, its benefits aren’t done yet!

Zoom has two plans- The free version and the paid one. Free plan allows you up to 40 minutes of Audio/Video call with up to 100 participants while the paid ones are further segregated into Zoom Pro, Business and Enterprise which allow you to add a maximum of 500 participants to your call. The prices for each plan vary. 

From scheduling your meetings in advance to adding a virtual background to get rid of the messy room, from super fast functionality with high quality audio/video sound to proper security measures, this app has a lot to offer! 

Well concluding this I’d only say that, zoom is providing a service of real value in these desperate times and is becoming an all in one solution for productivity and efficiency in this new working environment.