Creative Writing Quotations

I love to scribble down quotations but it seemed more innovative when my friend doodled and calligraphed it. I was inspired to write and get more creatives produced. Here, I am sharing the gallery of the calligraphy quotes.

Dream to Conquer.
Smooth roads never made good drivers.
Great people always invented their own paths.
The quality of privacy brings you a happy life.
Time passes by and that is why we are capable to make memories.
To be victorious, you need to fight your battle more than once.
The engine of my mind was fueled by motivation.
His umbrella is a shield to my cries.
Shine like the sun & brighten up your soul.
Simplicity is the essence of life.
My heart waits for your lips to smile.
Thorns build the paths of our lives.
The tiara suits her.
Those words were equal to swords.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the creativity!