Dear Spots

You happen to be an essential fragment in every woman’s life. You’re judged, talked about, and nowadays, a widely accepted #reddotchallenge is done to step beyond a stigmatization. Because of your existence, a woman is considered impure. They aren’t allowed to step in pilgrimages to worship the goddesses and cook the motherly affectionate food in […]

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Dear Mother Nature,  It’s the time for us to confess that we’ve been cruel towards your ravishing beauty and blossoming buds. To keep ourselves warm and comfortable, we’ve been fighting against you by depleting your bountiful resources and now, we sit in isolated madness. You’ve conveyed us through various ways, ‘Save Me’, but consistently, we […]

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Dear Victims

Dear Victims, How are you doing? I can wonder how would you be doing with mine conduct; after all, I am your disease, the destructor of your bloomy life. I am the one who never lets you rest in peace by ruining your sound sleeps. I will now hang on with you in all the […]

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