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Why This?

‘Selfishness now resides in the veins of human beings. Rarely we will find a person who patrons any other being. If he finds his way through a person, he will use him and move ahead and at last finally throw him.’

This poem completely revolves around human behaviour. It’s an understanding about that subject which every person can form after various experiences of his/her life. We make attached ourselves to the people we just met yesterday and then make them as our priority but at the very next moment we realize the bitter truth about those people. We keep on lamenting about what they did to us, how they betrayed us but is it a good decision to do so? It’s high time to take the control of your own selves and go away from the person who pretends to be yours and who is with you to just avail a benefit out of you.

‘Make yourselves smart enough that you can judge a correct person for yourself. No one will come and support you when you will face an emotional dilemma; the consequences have to be faced by you.’


Here it Begins..

This is what we had made of ourselves.
We make ourselves attached to some people
And all at once we nominate them as our first concern.
Someone for whom we could cease to exist.
But at next moment, we are drawn near to bitter truth.
We wail around regarding the mates we chose,
But is it a rational decision to weep over spilled milk?
Reversing it,
Wipe away those for whom you became so grief-stricken.
It’s needful to figure out
That few people cannot function without scepticism,
And not under any condition belittle their self-centeredness.
Now, it’s the time to hold the charge of ourselves,
And step afar from the people
Who wholly falsify to be yours.

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