Childhood Memories

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Childhood memories are the priceless memories that are the most prized possessions for everyone. They are the ones that you will hold in the warm corners of your heart exceptionally when you grow mature. You long for those thoughtless games and the consistent innocent smiles that would stay for so long without the demand of any reason. Synonymous to this, I’ve a lot of my cherished memories which I feel like capturing in my words. So, here’s my captured memories which I would like to share with my readers:

  • My mom used to go for a nine-to-five job to a school where she was the most adored teacher by the small tadpoles. I love to call those kids tadpoles because they were full of energy, jumping from one place to another, but they were tiny. I used to relish the time I spent with them. I played with them, I showed them the daughter-of-a-teacher attitude and then taught them as if I was their teacher.
  • This is the most hilarious one. I used to announce every 8 of the month as my birthday because I was completely unaware about my birthday month, or I expected it to happen every month. Or as a matter of fact, I couldn’t fix it in the mind that what my birthday month.
  • This may relate to many. I had and in fact have a deep fascination for the cartoon Doraemon and his gadgets. I had a big desire of owning those gadgets and trouble all the Gians of my life.
  • The long time that I spent at grandmother’s house. She cooked delicious food that always soothed my tummy.
  • I had my first ever solo Rajasthani dance performance in second standard which was choreographed exceptionally by my mom. The cherry on the cake was my proper attire and look.
  • I love this memory. I used to stand in front of the activa (two-wheeler) when my father/mother drove it and act like as if I was driving. I looked like a super cute puppy popping out my face out of joy accompanied with my colourful candies.
  • Fairytales like Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, The Sleeping Beauty, The Red Riding Hood and many more would grab my enormous interest in my school library. I used to secretly go in my free time and gave a treat to my eyes.
  • This one is obvious. After a lot of pleadings, me and my bother would get noodles cooked from our mother which we used to love.
  • I believe that this every kid would have done living on this planet and that is to create our own stories and live in beautiful illusions.
  • My play with the society’s kids was the most enjoyable. The riding of bicycle, having a race with them, playing stapu and making a new one everyday on the roads.
  • The harshest memory is when my teacher used to scold me for the wrong usage of my tenses. PS: I am still awful at it.
  • The first trip I had without my parents backed up by the school authorities to an Amusement Park which had a variety of rides. I carried my noodles in my lunch box and at it when I was overwhelmed by the ecstatic rides.
  • Lastly, I loved how I used to roll up to my mommy when I was dejected and get all the solutions to my problems. It’s a matter of fact even now.

I wish to re-live these moments and make those innocent days as a forever play of my life.

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