Creative Writing Poetry

Smile insisted, “You are lucky.”
“Are you mocking at me?”, Frown frowned.
The smile disproved and refuted
“Neither am I mocking at you
Neither being dishonest to you
I am admittedly being envious of you.”
Frown was dumbfounded.
And disturbingly asked, “Why so
Everyone wants your birth in their lives
And have a deep longing for you
The matter of fact is
No one loves me
Neither have I loved myself.”

“Everyone takes hold off me artificially
Just to frame a shield on you.
You are a saddening reality
Whereas I am a beautiful lie.
You are an undesirable actuality
With which every soul has to sustain with.
You are the mate of every sole being
And I am just a mask
Covering like a cloth that is a prerequisite.
I sympathize on my standpoint
There is fascination for me in the hearts of all
But they aren’t that appeased with life
That they can attain me.
Instead, all prefer to latch upon to you
Even after perceiving the material facts.
Quotes and sayings are now creatively penned for me
But we are acknowledged by the dope
That they are always authored for the ones
Which are miles away.
Whereas because of you persons just bewail
But perpetually give a consent of being besides you.
I am the playmate of the bodies
For just some fraction of seconds
And then I am just a commodity forsaken in memories.
I am willingly captured in camera,
But veritably, I am just a mask for that capture
Whereas you are the real portrait
That is wore by every sole being.
In every fragment of this life
I am just a sheer illusion
And you are the absolutely authentic.”, Remarked Smile.

Frown became voiceless
With no account of response.
But ceased the conversation with an inquisition
“If every soul adores you so eminently
And wants have a paradisiac romance with you
Then why do they compose their worriments
So gigantic that they make a compulsion to behold me always.
Why don’t they comprehend that
You are so alluring and sublime
That you even planted admiration
In the most undesirable emotion
That is sadness, me, the frown.”

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