Dear 18 year old

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Dear 18 year old,
You will miss me a lot. You will miss me when the commercial smiles and laughters will become imperative to hide your agonies. You will miss me when you can’t tell anyone about how miserable and pathetic you feel. You will miss me when you will learn about the inhumanity and self centeredness of people. You will miss me when no one will be there to calm you when you are distressed. You will miss me when you there’s no liability of keeping secrets. You will miss me when you would be smart enough to observe every single thing. You will miss me when your intuitive vibes will haunt you.
You will miss me every single time whenever you face tears, triumphs and rejections because you wouldn’t have to ‘act’ mature & face like everything is calm.
You will appreciate that jovial yet innocent smile. You will appreciate your parent’s affection and concern. You will appreciate the grandma’s stories. You will appreciate the peppy paper planes and paper boats. You will appreciate the moments where you don’t have to speak and save yourselves from the situations you never wished to face. You will appreciate that ‘Time & Tide waits for none’ was just a phrase to remember.
You will reminisce every single moment that made you live in the moment of happiness. You will reminisce that life was actually beautiful.
 Yours Own,

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