Dear Bakers

Creative Writing Letters

Dear Bakers,

You put me in the oven to bake me in the highest temperature. You leave me in an ambiance that makes my body bubble soundly. This makes me burn and seems like that the very next second, I will erupt like a volcano.   Such a miserable phase I have to go through!

Finally, after bearing so much of pain, I’m soft and ready. You frost and ice me with irresistible dreamy cream and decorate me with fancy candy jewels. Oh! This is the phase I just adore myself.

Now I am wrapped in tray and kept in the coolest of temperatures. I am frozen and consequently I ride in a roller-coaster of sneezes. After this bake and freeze process, I am served as a dish in front of a human who owns me with a hungry watery mouth.

Such a short-span of life that’s full of pains!


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