Creative Writing Letters

Dear Mother Nature, 

It’s the time for us to confess that we’ve been cruel towards your ravishing beauty and blossoming buds. To keep ourselves warm and comfortable, we’ve been fighting against you by depleting your bountiful resources and now, we sit in isolated madness. You’ve conveyed us through various ways, ‘Save Me’, but consistently, we had been bad listeners. We’ve committed a sin by thrashing blades in your butterflies that were meant to bring slow smiles on everyone’s face.

You finally introduced a mocking disinfectant that could ruin our species just the way we were planting weeds in the cracks we were creating. Time told us, it’s not me, it’s about you. The truth is we are mortal humans that are tenants the Earth & have to empty the buildings sooner or later. Our obsession of ruling you was a myth. You’re the original and we’ve to abide by the escape clause you laid.

Yours Tenant