Dear Spots

Creative Writing Letters

You happen to be an essential fragment in every woman’s life. You’re judged, talked about, and nowadays, a widely accepted #reddotchallenge is done to step beyond a stigmatization. Because of your existence, a woman is considered impure. They aren’t allowed to step in pilgrimages to worship the goddesses and cook the motherly affectionate food in kitchen. If you emerge out of her skirt in the school or college, they stare, giggle, tease or sometimes, bully her. To that, you’re covered by a pad, and many a times with dirty cloth pieces. The pad advertisements make a family uncomfortable and the marketers make it subtle by using a blue fluid to absorb. I thought it to be red. And in regards to all this, you’re a subject that needs to maintain its secrecy and build a taboo that should not be discussed about; except our mothers in crisp whispered sentences. But no one realizes that you happen to make her pure and fertile. You’re a reason that nourishes her womb and allows the world to have more human race. You’re the reason that pures her blood and give a baby a protected environment. You’re maltreated in compare to what you do just on the basis of mere outlooks.