Dear Writer in Me

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Dear Writer in Me,

Always, I have placed a detailed eye towards your every stroke and pronouncement. I have constantly been enamoured of you, your personage, your versatile way of penning down the explicit verses, your customary way of captioning your life, your impeccable usage of the tricky words, your excelling way to epitomize yourselves in your each piece of write-up and your exhilarating power to climb the highest peaks in this form of life.

I wholly yearn to remodel myself like your magnetic individuality. My inner soul wants to grab the sole pieces of your perception. I applaud your every demeanour which strives for a mystical power to elevate yourself as an accomplished exemplary being. This cognizance has loaded a natural censor into me while I was readily going down on my spirits.

I was unaware about a torch enduring within me that was an appliance which could be put into function during my pale and dark times. It had proximately escaped from my memory that this sort of light ever existed within me. But after that, you have held my hand; this downheartedness has released the conspiracy of shoving me behind the gloomy bars.Conclusively, I brushed against my introspective esprit and simultaneously could specialize in my psychological behaviour. This little candle bewailing inside me hankers to burn with the wax of your ardency and forbearance. I am urged to acquaint you with the comprehended fact that you were the only one who could comfort and cure me during my despondent times.

Will always merrily accept this fact that you are my conscience who led me as your shadow and matured me to that extent till which I can buoyantly accept myself amongst the masses. I can now conjure up myself in a segregated range of vision by being the part of same masses. Unequivocally, I will not discover myself as an invisible face. My individuality, by virtue of you; will out lash as a deviating soul from the paths of sheep and shepherds. I will always idolize you for turning me into a ray of sunshine.

Yours Impassionedly,
The Inner Soul

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