Creative Writing Poetry

Why This:

‘Fear is something that gets hold off you and build the boundaries of limitations around you which you can never cross because you aren’t willing to. But in reality, it’s just a mental feeling that could be overcome through a distinct vision towards the matter of concern.’

I was expecting my turn to punch the clock
Ad interim, my eyes scanned a piece of paper
It was an account of complete warnings
That list petrified me to hell
Despite of all that I persuaded myself to step in.
There was a crawl way tunnel
That was apparent to cover my upper half.
The world twisted and my head throbbed
Sweat was all over my anatomy.
The specialist called me out-
Instruction was given to stick on my pallet
Confine my vision
And take the name of my infinite spirit.
These words echoed in my wits
I felt choked, drowsier and asthmatic.
No more of this could be handled by me,
Beyond shadow of doubt, I bellowed, ‘No!’
The grips were fastened
But anyhow I was uncompromising.
I got off from the holds
And absconded out from that dreadful ward.
Calling off the MRI scan.


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