Writing Tips

Eunoia Prompts Lists were giving us a good response in terms of building a community and exploring new ideas. We had writers who submitted their writings for Eunoia Prompts, therefore, we decided to build a separate platform for its working @eunoiaprompts.

We brainstormed and discussed on every single prompt while adding it to the list. We pondered over our themes and came up with new ideas where we could enhance Eunoia and present it some more than monthly prompts list. We shared rare and unique words with some quotations from well-known personalities in the form of Eunoia Glossary. We also threw picture prompt challenge in every 15 days of the month as Eunoia Grills.

The prompts list and their themes for January 2020 to March 2020 were:

  • The theme for January Prompts was: New Year: New Exploration.
  • February prompts were based on love and relations.
  • Prompts for March were dedicated to every woman and all the passionate writers.