Creative Writing Short Stories

Such an activity should be refrained that will lead you to fall in your own pitfall.”

Once Ganesha went to Kubera’s palace feast and fed himself with a lot of food. He then went back to his home on his tiny rat, Vahana. It was a new moon that night. Suddenly, the mouse saw a snake and he ran away. Ganesha’s balance fumbled and he fell down and his stomach splitted and opened. Ganesha started to stuff the fallen food back in his stomach. The moon watched him and kicked off with laughing. On seeing the moon insulting him by mocking at his state, Ganesha got infuriated and announced a curse on him that he will always be black and will not be seen by anyone. The moon realized he was at fault and began begging for forgiveness. But Ganesha was stubborn at his verdict. Finally after a lot of requests by moon, Ganesha said that he will not take the curse back but will dilute it. He changes the moon from new moon to full moon and if anyone will see him on his name day (Ganesha Chaturthi Festival) then that person will not be able to attain ‘Moksha’.

From this story we realize that we should not mock on anyone under any happenstance. The phase it leads to might not support for your good destiny.
The bad deeds will always make you fall in a filthy pothole.

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