Creative Writing Poetry

“The real identity is your name, your personality; and not the diversified names given by the society.”

I made my entrance to this creation of Holy Spirit
I was acknowledged as someone’s daughter.
My sibling came into existence
I was now acknowledged as his sister.
My womanhood was a final alarm to be the age of wedlock
I was merged off with an unfamiliar man
And I was acknowledged as his wife.
I had my infants
I was now acknowledged as their mother.

The wheel of name game hadn’t yet ceased rolling
I was over and above acknowledged as the grandmother.
I witnessed myself being called out
Every now and then
But never in life by the name
That was entitled to associate me
But by the name which was affiliated to glue me with sundry relations
And proverbially I had to verbalize that recognition with myself.

With profuse relationships
I once for all was liberated from all the threads
By giving farewell here and sailing to Home of Supreme Power.
There I collapsed and inexorably interrogated;
That what was my absolute identity?

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