Creative Writing Poetry

Shhh! Dont Talk about it,

Bear The pain, don’t rant about it.

Learn to live, you were born with it.

Shame, disguise and embarrassment,

Is what you bring along with.

Seriously? A sick leave for periods,

It’s just blood, cramps and pain.

Don’t converse about it,

Pick up the usual code 

Just say, “I am not feeling well.”

Don’t let them see your pads

Keep them hidden, it brings disguise.

So what if cramps feel like death? 

Just take the goddamn Ibuprofen.

Or do you need some empathy that rhymes?

Oh! It’s that time again? 

You look a complete mess. 

Polite at a moment and rude the next,

What’s the reason for all this hate?

Or just a mood swing trip once again?

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