Creative Writing Poetry

She sings the notes that are flawlessly inscribed in her poetry journal. The peeping moonlight through the window steams by the beauty of her pain that is unbeatable by his romance. The willow moon isn’t capable to resist the thriving grudges as her pain confirms the myth of his orphic romance.

Moon fails in romance
She sings the nightingale song
A hope lost in love.

The mind and its matter have a painful wit to strive for survival. It’s a night of reminiscing the moments of love where she lands to the space of beauty where moonlight glossed and stars dazzled in intimacy. On and off, days and weeks, months and years, she is burning in abysmal agony of separation. The rawness in her nightingale song rebukes the moonlight romance to be so fantasizing. She died out of her high notes of misery, every moment. No turmeric and honey could heal her torment of betrayal. She sings that everything is not fair in love and war. 

The shining moonlight
Dims his luminosity
The guilt of her pain.

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