Lifestyle Quotations

The best way to express oneself is to say a story in some words. So, here’s some of the ideas to say your Pride stories in minimal words.

I won’t hit on you;
We may sit together.
I’m okay with my “confined world”. I am okay with my “uniqueness”. Then why you’ve to approve my choices?
Our hearts are true,
Our love shouldn’t be an issue.
There’s nothing wrong with me. I can have a choice for my sexuality and love.
I’m honest to my heart.
How can you expect a heart full of feelings to be straight?
I proudly accept the rainbow of my choices.
Let once prejudice be overruled by open thoughts.
Let’s be a little more human to each other.
Let’s be a little less horrible to each other.
Till the time I won’t stand up for my rights; how can I expect others to support my reality?
The two women can love each other if they hang out and gossip with each other.
My spirit is pure so does my sexuality.
We might be different;
But not wrong!
All those gays are glitters that gleams.
Everything is fair in love and its choices.
I prefer to be a history for my love but not a coward.
Hating me is not correct.
It’s a choice like I have mine.
I’m not a victim
I’m not a sufferer
I’m not having a disease.
Accept us or let us live in peace.
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