Creative Writing Journal

The honest feelings ticks to 3 o’clock when I look up to the endless sky with incalculable starts, and all this reminds me – the stories, the thoughts and the experiences from the past.

All of us, in some or the other way have our heart’s own psyche. It doesn’t matter if we aren’t able to describe it or show it. I wonder how inexplicable it is for anyone of us to question ourselves and recall all those times when the bad time was about to took a huge toll on our lives and it was the hour for good time to get behind the bars. Isn’t it?

The promises, the texts, the calls and the word of honours just slipped away; away so far that they can be only recalled through hallucinations.

Don’t we ask ourselves at least once a night that where are the people who used to promise they will stay? Where are the people who taught us “forever and ever “? Where are the people with whom our time used to flee by so fast? Where are the people who were the part of our lives?

And it really becomes hard for us to actually accept that “the people” aren’t really there anymore.

Never did we’ve felt that the moment, the time, the rhythm we were living in as it was going to be just a flash from the past one day. Never did we’ve felt the people, the best friends and the boon companions we were imagining our further lives with, are just going to be our past memories. Never did we’ve felt that the text messages, the long hour calls and the hilarious conferences were just on the edge of disappearing.

Well, it’s almost dawn now and you know what all I am left with – tears of joy in my eyes for having such beautiful memories, for having such people in life that made it worth living those days and for having such destiny to having meet them on the way of my journey.

You know what my dear; the journey of life has been a bit strange. You will come across many people who will feel like that they will stay forever, but they will never; you will come across many times when you will want to stop it but that wouldn’t happen; and you will come across many things that you wish to hold upon but suddenly all of it will vanish.

But don’t worry, this journey will lead you to many beautiful destinations you wouldn’t have thought about; lead you to many places where your problems will seem to be very tiny; and will give you the people who deserves you.

I’ve read somewhere – life is journey with problems to solve and lessons to be learnt but the best of all, an experience to enjoy. So let’s just hope with this, that the next time when you get caught up into your 3 am thoughts, you don’t end up wetting your pillow but thinking about the life that has other plans which are more big, more prodigious and of course extraordinary than yours. Be gentle to yourself and take care of yourself because you are important.