Creative Writing Journal

We were already intuited by the temperature that reflected on our mobile screens that there would be a fall in late night. The cold was sending shivers down our spines. But we slept with hopes in our eyes that we will wake up and view the white scenic beauty.

The next day, there were unbroken conversations of excitement in the whole hostel. Yes, the snow had felt in the late hours of black night. For the first time, I steadily got up for the breakfast before the knock of my warden. I went to the mess but didn’t have anything. I came out and sat on the nearby stairs and far away I saw my warden standing. I was afraid that she doesn’t inquire me about my early completion of the breakfast but to my amusement she called me up and asked “Ever been in the snow before?”

I replied “No. I live in plains and have never been encountered with the same.”

“So aren’t you liking it?” asked the warden.

“Yes, a lot.” I replied with excitement in my voice.

“So, go and click some selfies. You have carried your phone?” she said as I went in a complete shock that is it the same warden who used to shout at me every day in the morning for waking up late.

“Yes, I do.” I responded.

She told me the various spots from where I could have some beautiful pictures. Till that time my other buddies came out from the dining and we clicked a lot number of pictures filling up the space of our gallery. My fever of happiness was completely visible.

One of my friends pronounced, “You are just equivalent to a small kid today. Just look at the spark on your face. In coming days, we will visualize the snowfall too. I wonder your buzz of emotions at that time.”

I jumped with joy and embraced her tightly and said in a kiddish tone, “Yes, I am blissed to see this part of the beauty of nature and I am waiting for the time when I am acquainted with the snowfall.”

We had no classes for the day as the cool weather was on peaks. We played with the snow balls and had a playful war. We made boomerangs, videos and what not. We weren’t tired of being a part of such a stunning scene. I was extremely glad. My one dream was fulfilled in this college, in this city, Shimla.

Our hands were swelled and turned severely red so we came back in our respective rooms and dipped our feet and hands in warm water to elucidate warmth in our bodies. We were relaxed. After sometime, there was a rain of hailstorms and we mistook it as snowfall. The localities conveyed us the truth but we weren’t in the mood to pay any heed towards them. We went on with picture session and enjoyed.

The next day we encountered with the same bliss of snow but in sometime, something more armouring had to happen and that was snowfall, the alluring white cotton-like balls. I dressed up myself properly to avoid any sorts of misbehaviour with my health and straight-a-way went to basketball court.  Just like movies, I twirled myself in the lands of snow and kept my eyes stuck towards the sky. I illusioned as if I am flying while the fall went on with it’s grind.

“Inches of snow beneath my long boots
Chilly winds blowing in the ambience
White little balls stuck in my black hair
Placed itself at plants, stairs, roads,
Windows, railings, trees and what not.
Wished for hot snacks to be a part of this bliss
Had encountered with the new of nature’s beauty
I wonder, how many times it will allure me?”

After my complete contentment of viewing this lovely climate I had a video call with each member of my family solely. I loved to make my sibling jealous of the ambience I was residing in and noticing the happiness on my elders face to see their daughter glad.