Creative Writing Journal

My first write-up was the poem ‘A New Phase of Life’. Everything that I penned down was mine heartfelt feelings. I went to the freshly opted college which was a long way from my hometown. There I had to settle in my college accommodation and adjust with the minimal facilities. After being to that place for a while, I felt that I was completely isolated without my mother. Everything had to be dealt by me. The things which were taken care by my mother was now all dependent upon me.  From early uprise in the morning to the making of my bed, everything had to be managed. I never thought of such hardships because all I wished was for freedom and independence. Later, I realized that what independent actually means!

I went on by reflecting my future life that just after my education I will be pushed into matrimony and I will be left with concealed time to spend with my mother. These thoughts were unstoppably bubbling in my mind. In this melancholy, I penned down all my feelings in the form of a poetry.

In other words, I can summarize by admitting that the reason behind my first write-up was the source of my inspiration to pursue writing. My mother is my inspiration, her life is a series of experiences which lead my incredible path of writing.

Also, this has been published in my College Newspaper which motivated me to write more.

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