Creative Writing Short Stories

Manmada, the God of Love, possessed three arrows which if attacked at anyone would multiply the desire of lust. It would work on a human, demon and as well as God. To check the authenticity of these arrows, he attacked one of them on Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma required a helping hand at the time of creation of Universe so he formed a woman named Shatarupa. She was extremely beautiful and had alluring features which wholly captured the attention of Lord Brahma. He was unconditionally bewildered by her beauty and ultimately kept an eye upon her.

This embarrassed Shatarupa. She struggled to be away from his vision but failed because in whatever direction she stepped, Brahma created a new head over his anatomy so that he couldn’t lose the sight over her. In this perpetual succession, Brahma developed four heads. The desperate Shatarupa urged to abscond from his vision so she decided to jump. This propelled Brahma to create another head on the top of others so that he can continue to visualize her.

Lord Shiva viewed this whole scenario and it’s said that he chopped off Brahma’s fifth head as a punishment for his unworthy and unholy behaviour. Brahma was further given a curse by him that we won’t be ever worshipped by people.

It’s further said that for repenting his misdeed, Brahma, without a pause, recited the four Vedas, one from his each head.

A mere misdeed by the Lord himself resulted as a curse upon him. Watching a woman with lustful desires is never worthy, even if you are Creator of this World. ‘Karma’ will reward you as well curse you, depending upon your deeds.

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