Creative Writing Poetry

Anciently in the Vedic Ages
Women were not domineered to human atrocities.
On behalf of that
They were regarded with dignity.
And premeditated as immensely pure.

In Atharva Ved
Women should first unveil them as students
And then barge into matrimony life.
She should give the dowry of her education
And please the new family with her proficiencies.

But in the existent era
Women are raped, maltreated,
Assailed, abused and traumatized.
They can’t carve their own verdicts
They can’t be the one who they yearn to be.

Every household of India
Has an enshrined accommodation for goddesses
Which is adorned with blossoms and candles.
So much homage paid to goddesses
But aught for women in real living.

Lakshmi is glorified for lap of wealth
And is worshipped for her ride in one’s life.
Yet at the synonymous time women are kept disdained
From pursuing her path of career
And be in line for her kith and kins.

Saraswati is honoured for utmost
Insights, knowledge and astuteness
Yet at the corresponding interval
Women are kept away from halls of ivy
As they have to keep their feet inland and act as a homemaker.

If we actually adore Goddesses
Then, instead of materializing your wealth in rituals
Endow the same in modifying your daughter or sister.
Let every foul-mouthed remark towards women
Be the most astringent mis-demeanour towards the living goddesses.

It’s mostly the women who co-opts to be racked
Instead of retaliating the patriarchy.
Women embraces the let go off policy
And chooses to accept the patriarchal customs
Pre-destined by society to follow them.

Women cease to work after wedlock
So as to emerge as acceptable wives for their husbands.
Mary Com, a world champion boxer
Abdicated her inheritance analysis 
Otherwise, she would be an added woman drudged away in this society.

Masculinity is threatened.
If a woman dares to assert and repel.
Contrary to acknowledging women’s ableness
They interrogate their own manliness.
If he has a conviction, why should she be writhed?

When will the living goddesses be free from the clutches of society’s villainousness?
We idolize Goddesses
And look down upon women.
Why so stereotype stature for women?
Why so contraction?

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