Creative Writing Quotations

There were six questions which Buddha answered in his mystical way. Those were:

1) What is the sharpest thing in this world?
His people replied simultaneously, “The Sword”
Buddha answered:
The sharpest is the human tongue because through the help of tongue, humans easily hurt other beings heart, feelings and emotions.

2) What is the MOST distant from us in this world?
Some replied, “Space, the moon, the sun”
But Buddha’s answer was:
The most distant is the Past. Whoever we are, however rich we may be, we cannot go back in the time and relive our past. Henceforth, we must make the good use of today and the days that which are about to come.

3) What is biggest thing in this world?
Many replied, “Mountains, the Earth, the Sun”
Buddha replied:
The biggest thing in the world is Lust. Many humans become wretched because they indulge their respective lusts. All means are justified in order to realise the lusts of this world.

4) What is the hardest which has the most weight in this world?
Few replied, “Steel, iron, elephant”
Buddha, like always had another answer:
The hardest is a promise It’s easy to say it but extremely hard to accomplish it.

5) What is lightest thing in this world?
Someone replied, “Cotton, wind, dust, leaves”
Buddha’s answer was:
The lightest thing in the world is humility; hence it is easy to forget humility and to leave humility. Look at those people who are chasing after wealth and position and for the sake of it they are simply dropping and leaving humility.

6) What is closest to us in this world?
Many replied, “Our parents, friends & relatives”
Buddha’s reply was:
The closest to us is Death because death is inevitable and it can happen at any second.

Moral: Build your own thoughts. Classify yourselves in a unique category. What made Buddha distinctive amongst the masses was by the depth of his thoughts and by the originality of his ideas.

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