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Fairy tale

In our lower grades we read the story of an honest woodcutter that how he got all axes as reward from the angel. Here I am with the further story of that woodcutter.

He continued to cut the branches of the tree. One day, he saw a mermaid weeping at the corner of the same river. The woodcutter gave his best shot to be engrossed in his work but he couldn’t so he approached to the mermaid.

He asked her, “Why are you crying?”

She didn’t answer him back and kept on wailing.

The woodcutter asked her once again, “What’s going on within you? Maybe by sharing your distress, you would be at peace.”

This time she answered and said, “I am not having a single being who loves me and owing to that fact I feel very rejected and companionless.”

The woodcutter tried to gladden her up but all went in vain.

He finally turned over to give a last try by saying, “I will become your regular visitor and will take the responsibility of being your companion”

She asked, “Are you sure? You won’t deceive me?”

He said, “No.”

This procured a smile on mermaid’s face. The next succeeding days, the woodcutter met her and came closer to her by their growing and regular connection. He started admiring the mermaid and her natural traits. After consequent days, he fell in love with her. He yearned to tell her but couldn’t voice his feelings into words. Every day he made a resolution to tell the mermaid about his affection towards her but failed. But after several days and nights passed by, he made up his mind to confess his love. He wore the best outfit he had and went to meet her at the same spot they used to. The mermaid complimented on observing him.

She said, “Today you look elegant and aristocratic.”

This boosted the confidence of woodcutter.

He was going short of words.

But he managed to say, “I wished to confess something to you.”

The mermaid replied, “Yes, go on.”

The woodcutter held her hands and expressed, “My dear, I want to confess you that I admire your beauty and pure heart. I know we never witnessed a man and a mermaid being in love but I assure you that I will always love you and not in any way will ever leave you in solitary.”

All of a sudden, the mermaid transfigured to a well formed angelic young woman. The woodcutter’s jaw dropped after seeing what all had happened. 

The mermaid said with a smile, “I am the same mermaid with whom you fell in love. I was a princess in the nearby town. Flowing back to few years, I dropped in here for hunting. I lost my way and saw a sage meditating here. I called him out so that I can know the way to my palace. He didn’t pay any heed to what I said so I went out of my wits and splashed water on him. His face flamed with fire and hereinafter he gave me a curse that the way I threw water on him likewise I will live in water for the rest of my life. I was switched to a mermaid. I actualized that it was my misdeed and asked for forgiveness and also pleaded him to switch me back into my original personality. After a lot of pleadings, he said that he could not take his curse back but he could give a restorative solution for the same and that was if any person who will love me whole-heartedly and confess it to me without being aware of my former reality, it will end my curse.”

The woodcutter was taken aback to witness all this. Then he said, “I am pleased that I could relief you from the curse.”

The princess smiled.

The woodcutter half-heartedly said, “Now, I have the knowledge that you don’t possess any feelings for me and you will turn down my proposal in the virtue of being a princess and I being an empty handed woodcutter.”

The princess said, “So, what if you are not filthy rich but your love for me is sincere and authentic and this individualism of yours took my heart away”

The woodcutter was exceptionally ecstatic to learn this and they arrived at a conclusion to get married soon.


From this story, we get the picture of love that it is not based on status, looks and individuality. Love is love. It has no self-centered motives. It is only about the concern and care for your beloved one.


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