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Festival Season brings around the best happiness in terms of celebrations, pomp and show. Your feet are never tired of dancing and your hands are willing to eat the best of the native cuisines. Everything seems to be perfect and the same is expected by your overall outfits. This is because you need to outshine in the party and seem to fulfill your social media posts’ goals by setting up the standards of your fashion sense.

Indian Festivals reveals the cultural importance which motivates to keep the traditions alive in the minds of people by celebrating each ritual with grand celebrations. Indian Wear has a large number of varieties for women wear like saris, suits, lehengas and so on and festive wear just needs all these ethnic outfits with some enhancements of western touch and designer outlooks.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, you have varied options in your wardrobe but still you feel like that you have none, so here are some ideas to get yourselves dressed on this festive season.

  1. Fusion Lehengas: To present an Indo Westernised Outlook wear a traditional skirt with banarsi prints or it can simply be made of plain silk. You can pair it with a shirt or a crop top or an open kurta or a top enhanced with a jacket lengthening till the feet.


Source: BigBindi.com

Source: IndiaMART

Source: KalaNiketan.com


2.  Designer Kurtas: Kurtas are so versatile and dynamic that they can be paired with jeans, leggings, plazos as well as salwars. There are some new patterns of kurtas available. They might be open kurtas or cape styled kurtas or anarkali designed kurtas or achkan styled kurtas. You can also attire such kurtas with skirts or lehengas to give a heavy traditional look.


Source: Style at Life

Source: Nallu Fashion


3. Dhoti Dresses: Kurtas or Tops combined with dhoti styled salwars are perfect for a traditional outlook and to be carried out in a festival. You can either combine it with a stylish blouse or a peplum top or a designer kurta.

Source: looksgud.in

Source: desicloth.com


4.  Plazzo Dresses: They might be flared or narrow pants. They will seem a perfect setup with an Indian upper. The three piece dress in this genre is also trendy and worth admiring.


Source: sweetcouch.com

Source: desicloth.com


5. Fusion Saris: A sari carried with a shirt happens to be unique and attractive. Also, other styles of sari can be a pant style sari or a sari with indo western blouses or a jacket on the top or a side slit sari or a sari giving an outlook of a dhoti.

Source: indowestern.co.in

Source: sareez.com


6. Ethnic Gowns: Gowns specifically represents a western trend that are generally adorned at their times of festivities happens to be beautiful when designed in Indian patterns and threads. They are a fusion of western and Indian trend.


Source:  hunardesigns.com

Source: Simaaya Fashions


7. Sari styled one-piece: Gowns or one-pieces are now reframed into sari form dresses which is defining a new trend for gowns as well as saris. They are highly admirable and fascinating.


Source: Coral Tree

8. Suit Lehengas: Suits are presently collaborated with lehengas instead of salwars and leggings giving a new definition to traditional and royal suits. These are completely suitable for festivals and depict a complete Indian outlook.


Source: bridalsurat.com

Source: Indian Cloth Store


9. Overtop Jackets: Overtop jackets are now trending with every Indian dress. They might be combined with suits, lehengas, plazzo dresses, saris and what not. It’s faddy and attractive. They might be plain or designed with heavy thread work or patch work. Jackets that are lenghthening till feet are the trendiest amongst all.


Source: Gravity Fashion

Source: sweetcouch.com


10. Peplum Tops: Peplum tops patterned with block printing or banarsi designs are turning out to be the latest vogue which is enhancing the beauty of the upper look.


Source: Panash India

Source: carmaonlineshop.com


11. Cape Style Dresses: Cape is continuing to be ‘in’ since years and still it happens to be the major part of the today’s fashion. This is ever gorgeous and it is introducing itself in many designer patterns.


Source: Stylewhack


12. Ethnic Maxi Dresses: Everywhere, everyone likes the trend of maxis, and the ones which are designed as per Indian ethnic designs, undeniably, happens to be beautiful and stylish.


Source: Panash India

Source: happyshappy.com


13. Designer Duppattas: It’s said, duppattas completes an Indian dress. So, a designer duppatta attached to your dress is completely blissful to carry. Duppattas either with designer border or are completely printed, they happen to ever stylish and focuses to represent the best fashion sense.


Source: Zipker

Source: Unnati Skills

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