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(PS: Most of the ideas are inspired from Pinterest Artists.)

Being in love is one of the best feelings that anyone can feel. You develop such a relationship where you want to express your feelings to your partner everyday in a unique manner. Valentines is one of the categorised days for love which helps you to freely express your love with gifts, cards and reciprocation.

So, are you finding some unique ideas to express your love and make your partner special? You have landed down to the right place. Here, I am listing down creative and personalised gift ideas which will make your partner in love with you once again.

  1. Customised Keyrings: You can gift the keyrings which has an inscribed message in it. So, whenever it is used, it will make your partner remember you.
  2. Pop-Up Card: In spite of a simple card, you can pick up a fancy pop-up card so as to express your loved feelings.
  3. Heart Shaped Donuts & Sweets: A treat of sweets in a heart-shaped form is the best way to melt a person’s heart. If possible, bake it with your own hands for your partner.
  4. Handmade Aromatic Soap: It’s something personal and lovable that can be gifted to your partner. You can either make it by your own or purchase it from the market.
  5. Messages in Garden: What about blindfolding your partner and taking him/her to the garden where you have dug some hearts with lovable messages?
  6. Surprise in your Room: How about decorating your room and filling it with gifts? A bit cheesy but worth romanticism.
  7. Love Coupons: How about fulfilling the demands and desires of your partner through the mode of fun game of scratch the coupon?
  8. Customised Frames: It’s a good idea to gift a personalised frame to your partner which accumulates your memories at one place. Your partner can hang that frame in his/her bedroom and reminisce the beautiful moments with you.
  9. Chocolate Bouquet: A bouquet of chocolates, flowers and soft toys is a very good idea to gift it to your girlfriend.
  10. Fancy DIY Cards: How about cutting a piece of paper into an adorable piece of cartoon, flower, heart or attaching it with props like sweets, nuts, chocolates and so on. It’s cute and personalised to place it on the bedside so that when your partner wakes up, it’s the first thing that he/she sees.
  11. DIY Jars: Exploding your jars with DIY creativity can help you to gift something unique to your partner. Also, you can plan to do something creative with wine bottles.
  12. Customised Chocolates: If you surf online, you may get some ideas of getting your chocolates customised. It’s delicious as well as personalised to gift.
  13. Gifts designated for particular time or event: You can pack your gifts so as to develop a particular sync of gifting some particular things. For example, you can pick up the number of alphabets of your partner’s name and gift those many goodies. Or you can pick up the number of gifts which is equal to years/months you have been together for.
  14. Love Bulb: You can pick up a romantic showpiece like this love bulb and present it as a vestige of your relationship.
  15. Open when Letters: You can pick up some moods and write down your feelings and explanations that you would like to say to your partner at that particular mood.
  16. Customised Cakes: Get a cake customised for this valentines and plan to cut it together as it is an occasion for love. 
  17. Love Notes: What about pasting some love notes on the mirror of your washroom so that your partner sees it as the first thing when he/she wakes up?
  18. Customised Plant: What about a plant which has some roses and some dug hearts? Won’t it sound as a Perfect Valentines Gift?
  19. Reasons Why I Love You: Mention down the reasons why you love your partner. He/She will undeniably feel loved, wanted and special.
  20. Couple Puzzle: Get a puzzle prepared of your couple picture and ask your partner to solve it. In return, you can promise to do whatever they want you to do.
  21. Couple Mug: Get a pair of coffee mugs which can be can be kept one by you and other by your partner.
  22. Write your own Love Story: You can either narrate or write your love story and gift it to your partner. Let him/her know that what is your perspective of being in this relationship and its memories.
  23. Picnic at Home: Prepare a whole setup of a romantic date/picnic at the terrace of your house. It will undeniably impress your partner.
  24. Prepare for a Photoshoot: Either you can plan for a location or pick up some handy props and get yourselves photographed. It’s the best way of creating new memories.
  25. Romantic Books: If your partner is a book lover you can plan to gift them a series of romantic novels. Or simply you can gift them the DVD’s of romantic movies.

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