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Why This?

‘Mother’s love is eternal and mortal. It can’t be replaced, diminished or forgotten.’

I wrote this poetry when I went away from my hometown, my mother, for higher education. I was on cloud nine when my father confirmed me that I was permitted to lead a hostel life and live with my buddies but as soon as a week passed over there, I felt completely alone even after being surrounded by many. This was just because I didn’t have my mother to reside with me.

After staying at that place, I then realized that how much I am attached to my mother. This was for the very first time that I went so far away from my inland and comfort.

Though, it’s a situation that is encountered by many individuals but this a few time separation from my mother made my vision broader and clearer about future aspects of my life. In this poem, I reflected upon the pain of a daughter going away from her mother and what further fears and worries she faces.

Here It Begins..


Journey begins all alone;

Away from my mommy.

Yet surrounded with my cohorts,

In halls of brainery;

But all in all I am with my shadow.

Throe of being at the end of rainbow,

Has began it’s race;

As the dim-witted bouncing of ball,

Will never permit me to withhold my Creator.

Me and myself on the way of solitary journey,

Commenced with lyceum;

Prolonged with adieu after my wedlock.

Awful about taking the yolk of albatross;

Suspectful being as paradisiac as my Origin.

Journey begins all alone;

Away from my mommy.

Petrified about the deserted journey;

But entrusted on being my mommy’s girl.


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