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“An introvert girl, from the City of Lakes: Bathinda, is into writing because she yearns to let her feelings spill like flowing water.”

I never believed in oral reciprocation of feelings. I allowed it be buried deep inside my core. Neither, I laid my confidence in any sort of Diary Entries. Anyhow, it formed as an introspective battle between the brainy and emotional contexts. All in all, I restricted myself to express any sorts of emotional pitches and consequently, lay down any parallel impressions about my personage.

Therefore, being a writer was an accident for me. My stay in the newly visited St. Bedes College unfolded the hidden talents and emerged me as the ‘Writer Of My Paradisiacal Life’. The opportunities and the motivational vibes allowed me to open my enclosed box of emotions. This developed me as an individual and also, nourished my soul.

Now, I can merrily claim that, Writing is my Happiness. It completes me as a sprouted personality.

My inspiration is my mother who happens to be the narrator of my penned tales. My strength is my father who lays the soft stones for my heavenly path.

General Information-

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Name: Nandini Goel
D.O.B: 08 October 1998
Qualification: Completed my Elementary Schooling and Higher Education from St. Joseph Convent School Bathinda. Currently pursuing B.com in St. Bedes College Shimla.
Hobbies: Reading and Writing is the primary one on my list. Also, I like to practise dance, creating DIY stuff and getting myself involved in new interesting activities.
BeliefA writer is a one who can frame his own Palace of Illusions keeping in mind the reality of his experiences.




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I was having my English lessons in my first morning lecture; and the lecturer was explicating the intelligible poetry by ‘Jone Donne’ i.e. ‘The Good Morrow’. I was avid to know the message that the poet was trying to convey by his poetry. A being who cannot show his feelings to anyone can pen down them and anywise put across his impressions. Primarily, I used to think, that a writer’s job is quiet irksome because he needs to lay his exclusive significance upon his intellectuality skills, rejuvenate himself with newly published books and write-ups, obligation to study variant authors and lots more. But, right now I realize that a writer is purely a general person who expresses his aspects through his write-ups. So, from the influence of my favourite poem, I started off my journey to become a writer.




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I happened to pursue my writing skills by implementing the same into a blog page which was further on recreated and developed in a whimsical manner.

On spur of moment, the thoughts of my mind swirled which gave birth to NaniDiction, a dream which was was never imagined but it was prevalent in each of my senses.




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The passion grew and it isn’t just limited to writing blogs. It has stepped its feet in the lands of imagination and innovation.

The creative mind managed to indulge in art and crafts and manipulate the pieces to display in NaniDiction.