All you need to know about, Kulbhushan Jadhav


Kulbhushan Jadhav; an Indian national who has been arrested in Baluchistan, Pakistan on charges of terrorism and spying on 3 March 2016. Pakistan government stated that Jadhav was serving the Indian navy and then commissioned to the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), but according to the statement of Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Jadhav got premature retirement, and wasn’t linked with the Indian government since he started his own business in Iran. Jadhav entered Iran with a fake passport, got a new identity of Hussain Mubarak Patel.

According to Pakistan officials, his aim was to strengthen the separatist movement in Baluchistan, which was executed in 2013. He was accused of being involved financially with militants. Jadhav had admitted his involvement in Karachi’s unrest. He made a revelation about his fundings and plans to destabilize the country and about other Indian intelligence operatives. Jadhav admitted that at Wadh, he was in contact with Haji Baloch, who supported separatist and the ISI in Karachi, he revealed about the mastermind of Safoora bus attack, In the confession video Jadhav claimed that he was a navy officer with due retirement in 2022. By 2002, he did some intelligence operations. In 2003, he established a small business in Iran. During 2003 and 2004 he made some visits to Karachi. He was picked up by RAW in 2013.

India rejected the video claiming that it was a fake video, edited by Pakistan. There were some voice modulations done by Pakistan to defame India.

According to Indian sources, Kulbhushan Jadhav was kidnapped from the Iran-Pakistan border and his fake documents were made by ISI and there were insufficient documents stated by Pakistan against Jadhav. In January 2019, Vikram Sood, (headed RAW from 2000-2003) said, “No spy worth his salt will be caught with his passport; the charges against him are laughable”.

On 10 April 2017 Jadhav was sentenced to death by a field general on the charges of spying, terrorism, waging war against Pakistan, and de-establishing the state, later it was confirmed by an Army Chief Qamar Jawed Bajwa. Rajnath Singh (Indian Ministry of Home Affairs) on 11 April 2017 stated that Jadhav was kidnapped from Iran by Pakistani agencies and put through trial as a RAW agent. Sushma Swaraj, (Indian Ministry of External Affairs) added that there was no evidence on any wrongdoing done by Jadhav and his sentencing will be considered as “premeditated murder” she mentioned that if Pakistan implemented the death sentence then there will be a bilateral relationship between India and Pakistan.

India took the case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) asserting that Pakistani authorities are denying India, its rights to consular access to Jadhav in May, 2017. On 15 May ICJ proceedings began and both India and Pakistan sent their legal terms to put forward their arguments. On May 18, ICJ stayed the hanging of Jadhav. On June 22, 2017, Pakistan confirmed that Jadhav had connections with the country’s army chief and released a new confession video of Jadhav but India’s foreign ministry stated it, as false propaganda to manipulate the case. ICJ did not allow Pakistan to play the video. On December 25, Jadhav’s wife and mother were allowed to meet him. India denounced that they were harassed and prevented from talking to Jadhav freely. On July 25, 2017, ICJ denied Jadhav’s release and directed Pakistan to allow consular access to Jadhav. Both India and Pakistan claimed victory on Jadhav’s case.

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