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Was it meant to end?

He was getting provoked from her and her love. He was done by his two year relationship. In a nutshell, he was casually fatigued from her concern and loyalty. He undoubtedly desired to have a new face in his life.

He decisively broke the long-lasted ignorance by announcing, “I think it isn’t working out. We should move on and start with our new lives.”

She broke down. She instantaneously dropped herself on the floor and begged him for their relationship. With tears in her eyes and stammer in her voice she spoke, “I love you. I will give you all the space you wish for and in fact I wasn’t hesitating to give you even before this showdown of yours. Whatever you asked for, I willingly did; just except for having a physical contact–”

He snubbed and yelled at her, “That’s where the whole story revolves. There’s nothing between us. I didn’t even touch you, so why can’t you just move on over me.”

She perpetually loosed her temper and said with an upset cry, “It’s not that simple as you are saying.”

She stood and caught hold of his collars and said, “You never touched me but every time you saw direct into my eyes; it completely made love with my soul. I loved you; not lusted for you. I wonder how you have been in this entanglement for two long years as I couldn’t fulfil your desires.”

She pushed him away and said, “Relationships for you are if meant for sex then it’s not working out for me too. You are free to hang out with any girl of your category.”

He dashed the flower vase on the table and it scattered into pieces. She had a tint of fear which automatically moved aback her shoulders.

She turned her face away from him to avoid an eye contact so that she doesn’t fall in love with him all over again and replay her previous misstep.

He left her there depressed and vanquished. She ended it with a giant rock in her heart and tear in her eyes.


Are you in Love?

He was infuriated by her first ever enraged backlash but deep within himself, he had a sensation of being the criminal of her breakdown.

His hand was hurting excessively but his last conversation with her was determinately collapsing him. The main issue revolved around the matter that he wasn’t ready to accept this actuality. He made his situations complicated and made a mess around him.

He needed someone to talk with, to simplify him and his life. He called his female affectionate and said, “Shanaya, can you come over my place?”

She said in an apologetic tone, “I am sorry, Pranav. I am hanging out with Bob.”

Bob was the nickname acknowledged by Shanaya for her boyfriend, Baasu.

He said, “It’s okay.” And he disconnected the call.

She sensed something fishy so thereupon she bid farewell to Bob with a peck and ran towards Pranav’s place.

“You really impressed me with your absurd behaviour which made me left Bob there and then. I came running as if I am a flowing wavy river.” Shanaya exclaimed as she entered the house.

Pranav placed himself at the corner of his lobby. His mind was located wholly out of this world.

As Shanaya came close to him, she kept blabbering on her way, “Are your sofas on rest that you are shooting your whole weight on this poor mother-earth. And why the hell you aren’t responding me? With sofas, is your voice also on rest? Now it’s irritating me, speak–”

She was astounded after seeing the scenario of Pranav and his near-abouts.

She ran towards the drawer where the first-aid box was usually kept safe and again paced towards him.

She threw herself on the floor and held his hand.

“What the hell? Haven’t you encountered with your hand. It’s bleeding constantly and you aren’t even bothered to apply an ointment on it.” She said as she rolled the bandage all over his hand.

He squeezed her and consequently his sobbing wetted her arm. Shanaya got frazzled and asked him the matter.

“I have no idea that what is going on with me. I have never been distressed because of her. But this time, it’s pinching me hard.” cried Pranav.

“Her? Is it Shruti? But you never had any sincere feelings towards her. You had relationships and ended up like it was an ice-cream you had to lick before it got melted. But I must claim, this one went long and I am curious to be aware about this possibility?” Shanaya exclaimed.

“I too don’t get it. Her arguments and reciprocations are just assassinating me. The way she had fury in her eyes when she caught hold off my collars is making me insane.” Pranav explained.

“Insane in what sense; that you want to have a counter play to her behaviour or you are feeling convictable?” Shanaya inquired.

“No, there’s not at all a feeling of revenge but, convictable–”, Pranav was utterly in a dilemma.

“Just, visualize your face expressions in a mirror. You are feeling like as if you are her culprit. And morally speaking, you are. We both are acquainted with her very well and she isn’t a girl to be dumped. And my intuition gives a strong voice that you had declared Shruti of being separated from her.”

“Yes, it’s the gospel truth. The apprehension I gave her for the dispersal was the no show of physical love in our relationship. She there and then snubbed me off. But I can’t witness the cheerlessness in her voice which was added with the infuriation in her eyes and that too the reason being my own self. I can’t look at her like that in any consequences. How can I rejuvenate her smile?” Pranav vigorously questioned.

“Are you in love?” Shanaya straight away interrogated.

“What crap are you questioning me? Are you nuts? You undoubtedly have this knowledge that I don’t place confidence in love.” Pranav spoke in a shrieking tone.

“Dear, beliefs and actuality differs. Your inclination towards her, your zero percent itch towards your harm, the sense of remorse you have in your soul for what you did and your desperateness to make her jubilant once again are the evidences of your love towards her. Dear stud, you unfortunately are in love; even if you give consent to it or not. A piece of advice for you, kindly acquaint yourself with the track playing inside you until it’s too late. Take care.” Shanaya explained and left.

Pranav was still not convenient about what Shanaya told was the truth.



The Lost Track

It was a sunny morrow. Shruti and Shanaya were having coffee in the college canteen. Shanaya was a common companion of both Pranav and Shruti. Shanaya was stunned to observe no stress on Shruti’s face. She presumed that she would be positively upset about the last evening’s episode but there wasn’t a tint of remorse that could be visible on her face. In fact, she was calmed with her enacts and was visibly customary. This hindered Shanaya to inquire anything about the disturbance caused in their relationship.

Anyhow, in the end, Shanaya fractured the muteness, by casually initiating, “So, how it’s going on?”

Shruti had a slight smile and asked, “Going on, what?”, and sipped her coffee simultaneously.

“Your life, your course, your relationship and even this coffee.”, Shanaya endeavoured to mould the question but recognisably she failed.

“Why are you distressing yourself so much that you are fictionalising questions to make me come out with bygone’s reality. I know, I am not nigh to you as Pranav is, but I would relatively incline towards your prompt inquiry. Anyhow, it was a mutual decision of getting separated. And I don’t self-condemn myself for any of the argumentations. Neither, I criticize him; he had a variant approach towards relationships. So, we couldn’t meet up to each other’s prospects, so it was respectively pronounced by each other to move on.” Shanaya claimed.

“You moved on?”, Shanaya questioned.

“Yes.”, replied Shruti with a forged smile.

“And if I say he is in pain? But he doesn’t want to shelter it by himself, then?”, Shanaya now at once asked her precisely.

Shruti cracked up sneeringly and answered, “Seriously? And you think that I will believe?”

“If you won’t, then why you have caught up something in your eyes that is meant to be rolled away.”, Shanaya asked which left Shruti with no response. She tried to abstain an eye-contact with her.

 Shanaya didn’t want to cease this conversation yet. She continued, “Shru, you–”

Now this name when voiced veritably made that crystal in her eye flow.

“Listen, earnestly I am left with no concern to what he is going through or whether he is in pain. He never in these two years fell in love with me, so I commit to move on, and yes, definitely with a different person. I need to move out, so I will take a leave.” Shruti roared in misery.

Shanaya caught hold of her hand and said, “Pretension, when did it became your attitude and got compounded with your personage; must say, learnt a lot from Pranav. He’s almost the carbon copy of your new version.”

Shruti looked aback, got her hand freed and stepped out.

“Love but no admission, outrage in both aspects, how will they come to track?” Shanaya confusingly remarked.


Broken Glass or Broken Heart

Shruti was moving ahead towards the class. She saw Pranav already seated at their familiar place. Pranav drived himself to arrange some space for Shruti to sit. But she stepped ahead and placed her seat with Advik. Pranav’s red blood in his veins boiled as if he was in the ambience of hundred degrees temperature. This is because Advik was genuinely a very good companion of Pranav but he messed up his friendship as he proposed Shruti just before Pranav could. It was the fortune of Pranav that she was initially in love with him.

Shanaya obstructed Pranav’s thoughts  and said aloud, “Hey Lover Boy, come out of your fantasy world and look into the reality, that a gorgeous good-looking girl has neglected her boyfriend and is standing right besides you.”

Everyone broke into laughter leaving aside Shruti.

Pranav still look fixedly at Shruti. Shanaya snapped her fingers in front of Pranav’s eyes which made him apprehend that Shanaya was just in front of him.

He asked, “Where is Baasu?”

She replied, “He had to sit with one of his council-mate to exchange their views on upcoming fest. You always have noticed that how much obsessed he is with his work. So, I thought of joining you. I hope no one else has to blow in here.”

“For whom this place was meant, she sat with that sinner Advik.” Pranav whispered.

“What are you murmuring to yourself?” she said while she sat beside him.

“Nothing” Pranav casually said.

“I know.” Shanaya said sarcastically.

Pranav turned deaf towards Shanaya and piercingly observed Shruti and Advik. He was getting embittered by the fact that she chit-chatted with him with her charming smile. Pranav eternally presupposed that Shruti could only be contented with him but the scene playing in front of his eyes was slaying him.

Shanaya contemplated every face expression of Pranav after he noticed Shruti and Advik together. She picked the water glass kept on professor’s table and kept it right besides Pranav’s hand. Pranav’s eyes were red and his emotions were fumed up with rage so he picked the glass kept near to him and with burning heart he broke the glass which engraved a cut on another hand.

Shanaya was as if waiting for this. She didn’t reciprocate to Pranav’s sudden explosion. She looked for Shruti to be affected but in fraction of seconds she stepped out of the class. Advik instantaneously chased her. Pranav too proceeded after them.

Shanaya screamed, “Bob, I need to bunk this class. Meet you at lunch.” And hurriedly she moved out.



The Other Side
Broken Too

Shruti recognized that Pranav has composed space for her but she wasn’t in readiness to be with Pranav after she actualized that what he apprehended about her. In haste, she found an unengaged space in another row. In expeditiousness, she didn’t notice that it was Advik with whom Pranav had heaps of matter of contention.

Advik was evidently walking on air when he was acknowledged about the fact Shruti is to be his partner for the day. Advik didn’t want to make a slip of this golden chance of having a communication with her. While Shruti was fiddling with her bag, Advik started off, “Hey miss, how come with me today?”

Shruti raised her head in awe, “Advik! Oh! I didn’t realize.”

In her mind she speculated that why only Advik. She had utmost hatred for him. He betrayed Pranav and gave a scar to their friendship which left him impaired. She didn’t wish to sit with him but by the time she adjusted herself to move out of the seat she saw Pranav’s outrage in his eyes. This ceased her to be there and pursue the conversation with Advik so that she can make him more envious. This was a natural and an instinct preference of hers.

When Shruti was in her boat of thoughts, Advik had already asked about, what she didn’t realize, but noticing her deafness, he snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.

“Oh! I apologize. I just lost the track of our conversation.” Shruti tried to make up.

“Not a problem girl, I can repeat my sentence numberless times for you.” Advik tried to flirt.

This was annoying Shruti, but she tried to maintain her composure and centralized her focus at the mission of making Pranav watchful towards her; so she faked a smile in front of Advik.

“So I yearn to inquire something from you. May I?” asked Advik.

“Go ahead.” replied Shruti with a positive smile.

“Are you single?” questioned Advik.

Shruti thought in her mind:
I earnestly desire to kick his ass. He proved at this minute that he really has a poor memory. If he goes through the flashback, he is well acquainted with the truth that his ex-best friend has proposed me and I had denied his proposal accepting my love’s. Such a nerd he is, yet he is trying to woo me.

She tried her best to fake a smile and replied, “No. Think two years back and you will be informed about my partner.”

Till then Pranav had broke the glass and which led to a red flow. Shruti observed it with the corner of her eye. A tear rolled down.

“Excuse me.”, said Shruti and left the class.

“Shit! I shouldn’t ask her so promptly. Such an impatient jerk I am. I need to go and talk to her.”, said Advik to himself and he too left the class behind Shruti.



My Girl


Shruti, without deviation, went to girls’ locker room and cried out loudly there. She sat on a bench thereby, and commenced communicating with herself.

What the hell is going in his mind? Why is he exploiting himself and distressing me? Can’t he figure out that how much pain he is inducing in me? I can’t even go and interrogate him.
First, that flower vase and now in class. He is driving me sick. How can I move on over him? It’s clutching my nerves. How do I explain him that he should not bleed himself?
He is consistently stuck on himself. He never gave a single thought about me and the same is the scene today.
Shru, breathe easy, what you decided last night? Not to consider this relationship and even him. You need to move on, anyhow.

She wiped her tears and moved out of the locker room.

Advik was fixed at the door of locker room. Shruti didn’t notice him and initiated heading towards class. Advik ran and blocked her way.

Shruti had a question-mark expression on her face.

“I suppose, I provoked you.” said Advik.

“Any sort of harsh feelings are non-existent.” replied Shruti with a plain smile.

“Why are you looking so pale and miserable? Is everything in your life going on a smooth pace?” asked Advik in a worried tone.

“Yes. Now, I would like to be excused.” said Shruti distressfully and moved ahead but was blocked by Advik as he caught her hand.

As soon as she turned, she saw Pranav punching Advik with the ill temper in his eyes. Advik freed Shruti’s hand.

“Cool down, man. It’s hard.” remarked Advik.

“It will be harder if you dare to touch my girl.” said Pranav in a low yet infuriated tone.

Shruti pushed Advik and stood solidly in front of Pranav and said in a distempered tone, “What the hell? Your girl, how?”

Pranav dominated Shruti’s hand by his tight hold and took her to their scheduled and cherished spot where they customarily met in college campus. He made her back hitched up with the wall and enclosed her within his hands.

Both were deep into their eyes and longed for each other’s love but none was accessible to admit. The misjudgements between them were expanding at a rapid pace.

Shanaya encountered every single section of scene and was utterly bemused. She expected some concern would be reflected out of Shruti’s soul but it was absolutely the contrary. The scene she fantasized was an affectionate one but the outcome was an enraged one. She lastly aspired that both of them must have a healthy conversation and every little thing is rejuvenated between them.  


Is this the final end?

“We used to sit with each other every day so how come this sudden change? We were meant to be together? We predetermined in very beginning of our relation that we will consistently be in sync.” Pranav asked with a loving temper.

“Relationship? You are talking about the same which was collapsed into pieces yesterday.” Shruti remarked.

“You broke it.” Pranav roared as he hit his bleeding hand with the wall.

Shruti took his hand in hers but he snatched it off. She clutched his hand but this time more tightly. She took out her handkerchief from the bag and tied it on his bleeding fist and then left his hand as if it wasn’t meant for her.

She then spoke politely, “Who inaugurated the scene of breakup in our relationship? Whose endearment was to move away and had to be a stud in each of his relationship?
What? You believed that I had no idea about your past entanglements and your acceleration in making a new one. I was confirmed about this fact but never gave a nod in front of you.
Indeed, my prodigious oversight was that I loved you and my love will transform you into a novelistic guy, who is only meant for his girl. But look at me now, what my one-sided love led me too. You perfectly broke my entrustment towards love. I always desired you to be mine Pru as I am yours Shru but anticipating something like that was my misconception, right?
I beg of you now, please move aside, I am done with all this mess. Let me go.”

Shruti struggled to move but she was barricaded by Pranav’s tight hold on her shoulders.

“So, you moved on?” asked Pranav.

“What?” asked Shruti with a perplexed expression.

“Yes, I was an oversized fault of yours; so, without a hitch you sat with Advik today and had an expressed friendliness conversation with him.” said Pranav assuredly.

Shruti pushed him away and with a cry in her voice she said, “You are such a jerk. In all my long speech, you noticed only the line of exploited words I had utilized for you but you didn’t even throw your attention towards my desire for our relationship. And, Advik, seriously? Didn’t you have the idea of my hatred towards him?
Hold on, why I am explaining these facts to you and why should I even define you anything about my deeds. We ended up everything and there’s no connection between us.”

Shruti moved towards the door as she was once again blocked by Pranav’s hold. He caught her by her hand and again made her stick against the wall. He didn’t utter a word but was increasingly looking direct into her eyes.

“Why aren’t you enabling me to go?” bawled Shruti.

“Because, I don’t want you to go.” said Pranav in a flow.

Shruti observed him with an abashed look.

“I meant that you can’t be with Advik. He isn’t suitable for you.” Pranav tried to cover up.

“And who are you to give a final word to me?” inquired Shruti.

Pranav had no response to her question.

“If you have no justifications for your own acknowledgement then don’t make an effort to impose it on others. Step aside; it’s now going beyond my tolerance power.”

Shruti finally stepped out of the place. Pranav was not still eligible to apprehend what was going on within him.




Shanaya stepped to the place where Shruti left Pranav.

“I am genuinely sorry, but I kept my ears open to all your conversation, though I am not authorized to but I couldn’t help myself out. I want you be contented in any way.” Shanaya admitted.

Pranav clinged to Shanaya and uttered in low voice, “What should I do?”

“Why are you creating a chaos out of your life? Why aren’t you confiscating the fact that you are being swayed after being apart from her? Just one night and you have wrecked yourself.” Shanaya tried to make the real picture get through his head.

“How it can be probable that I can be in love?” Pranav, in spite of everything was still baffled.

“At least you turned up with the veracity. I am versed about the fact that never in your life you had placed confidence in love but today if your life is contradicting your beliefs, let it be. Don’t lead your life on the way of pessimism. If being with Shruti composes this stable and dreamy version of yours, then I optimistically like your new variance.” claimed Shanaya.

“All in all it aggregates that I should not permit Shruti to exit my life.” asked Pranav.

“Shruti had ascertained you very well and gifted you a complimenting name and that is jerk. Dumb, go and get your girl before she executes any blunder.” Shanaya remarked.

Pranav makes his tracks clear towards Shruti. In the corridor outside the class, he observes Advik and Shruti together. Pranav looked aback and started heading away from Shruti. 

Shanaya interrupted Parnav’s footsteps by keeping her hand on his shoulder, “Again you are falling in trap of your misconceptions. Why your eyes are always focused on the surroundings? Just occupy your mind’s thoughts in her and you will find your goal.”

“I can’t. She is with that idiotic person and how will I give a stamp of admission in front of this college?” said Pranav in a low tone.

“Oh! Just cut the crap. Initially, ignore that dumb and let him dump himself. And ultimately, you were not that coward who was anxious of masses. You were a stud, remember? Come on, now be a man for your girl.” announced Shanaya.

“Sure?” asked Pranav.

Shanaya punched on his belly and turned the vision of Pranav at a 360 degree angle.

Pranav moved with slow steps and perpetually he gained confidence in himself and moved towards Shruti with a high morale in his heart. He finally stood at her back. He patted her shoulder. She turned. She was determined to move but Pranav this minute stopped her steps by his words.

“At least listen to me once.”

“Still some more declamations are left unsaid?” questioned Shruti.

“Shru, it’s nothing about our preceding conversation. It’s distinct. I want to admit–” Pranav was cut-short by Shruti, “Look, I don’t want to be engrossed in another conversation with you, also if it’s distinct. And I am acknowledged by Shruti, Shru never existed.”

Shruti proceeded away from Pranav.

Shanaya dashed towards Pranav and after getting hold of her breath she questioned, “Why didn’t you stop her?”


Final Realization

“I no more want to stop her by the hold of my hand but I want her to stay with me eternally.” remarked Pranav.

“Don’t assert now that you will not confess your love to her.” said Shanaya half-heartedly.

“Who said so? I will. You said to be a stud for your girl. Now, it’s the time to be same.” claimed Pranav.

“What is going into your devilish mind?” asked Shanaya with curiosity.

“Just wish me luck, baby.” said Pranav and took his flight towards college administrative office.

“Whatever, but don’t do anything insane and yes all the best.” yelled Shanaya when Pranav was speeding his foot race.

Within five minutes, there was a voice from announcement speaker.

“A very Good Afternoon to all students. Here’s an imperative announcement by the student of our college. I request everyone to be available to any one of your nearby speaker.” said the boring announcement making madam.

“Hey friends! Some of you might be acquainted with me and some of you might not. This is Pranav with his monologue. Firstly, I am not here with any speech concerning with Worlds Dash Day; so you may have a sigh of relief that you won’t be spiritless; I mean unfortunately we have nothing for today about what we can be enlightened.”, Pranav spoke.

Shanaya murmured to herself, “Proud of you my boy. Just kill your this proposal.”

Shruti was expressionless. She didn’t know how to revert to his sudden oral encounter through mike.

Pranav continued, “Today, you will be made aware about insanity in love. I apologize to you Shanaya, I had to be insane as I had no other way left out.”

“Today you need to be insane.” roared Shanaya and everyone in canteen gaped her like something absurd had took place. She built her composure and reacted as if everything was conventional and diverted her attention wholly towards the announcement speaker.

Pranav was not in the mood to stop and carried forward with what he wanted to admit, “This message is for the one about whom I had never realized that what her true spirit was and now when I am acquainted with her magical soul, I had made her walk out from my life. I want to beg pardon and make you mine Shru, again.”

Shruti was jolted. She never predicted something like this out of Pranav. Her expressions were turned to that of a poker-faced.

Pranav went on with his admission, “I am not good at words but I will try my optimum to explicate you my heartfelt feelings.
This is something I am penning down and reciting it simultaneously.

‘An angel landed up in the mess of my life.
Was incognizant about her soul’s powers;
Which could steadily twist my life;
As if it’s a garden of bliss.
The day I made a blunder to eradicate her;
I realized after several stupefied realizations,
That she is that essence;
Without what my life is deceased.

Being with you, I never realized;
That you are a vital part of my esprit.
But being apart from you, just for a day;
I was formed into a dispirited lifeless being.
Misconception about you,
Was my dignified obtuseness;
Which I want to recalibrate now.

This mess doesn’t deserve a paradisiacal angel like you;
But the filthiness in my life in no ways can be eradicated without you.
I plead you to pardon me with another chance;
I keep my hands on the head of lord;
That this time I will leave no stone unturned;
To get back our love relation. 

Don’t want to let you go,
And just remorse on my missteps.
But want to make you mine,
By amending them all;
Through the canister of my love,
Showering all over you as the amour of rain.
Let me be your beast;
And be my beauty.’

Come back Shru. I am looking forward to see you in college ground. Thank you everyone for your perseverance.”

The mike was switched off. Pranav, Shanaya and Baasu together were present in the middle of the ground. Nearly half an hour was passed but there was no sight of Shruti. Almost, the major aggregate of college was standing in the wait of Shruti.

After another ten minutes, Shruti was in sight. The colour of her dress was distinct from that in the morning. She was attired in a Black Patiala Suit, which was Pranav’s adored one.

As Shruti approached towards Pranav, he stunningly asked, “This took quarter an hour?”

Shruti slapped him with the book she carried, “It wasn’t as long as you took to admit.”

Pranav got hold off her book and went on his knees, “I really apologize for all my faults. But now I have finally realized that no one is as impeccable as you. You can say your mission is accomplished; your love has changed me from head to toe. I want you, please, don’t make me wait longer, it’s factually unpleasant life without you.”

Shruti too came on her knees and embraced her with perfect warmth.

The whole college roared in happiness.

After several realizations, they were finally in love and were now together as one. 

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