Creative Writing Short Stories

I was wiping off my sweat with the hand towel that I bought in my mini-bag. While doing so, a heavy-weighted bald man in early 50’s stood in front of me. He was staring at me from foot to head. I felt a discomfort from his look and asked, “Do you want anything sir?”

That man was as if was waiting for me that I should speak up something so that he could spring upon me. He sat beside me and kept his left arm on my shoulder and started blabbering, “Today’s generation physique is just like as if they are a lean stick and they aren’t available with food to feed upon. They are so bony having no skin in them. I feel that if I blow some air from my mouth they will just fly up to Himalayas.” He started laughing out loudly as if he has cracked a joke which I didn’t found hilarious.

He looked at me and I managed to fake a smile so that his elderly mind wouldn’t find me absurd.

To my annoyance, he said, “Just look at you, you are one of them.”

Now this was utter nonsense which made my face turn red and I remarked in utter irritation, “I don’t think so sir. I am…”

I was cut short by him as if he wasn’t concerned to what I wanted to convey.
Now he asked, “Don’t you eat bananas?” This totally amused me. Now what link did it have this with this no-pointed conversation.

I blurted, “What?”

He said with full confidence as if he was the most intellectual here, “Yes, bananas. It’s very nutritious and is a very healthy diet for you people.” I wondered that what defect mine type of people have?

He continued, “Bananas help you to gain weight and helps you to look like that you exist. Not like the way you are who can be blown off with a minute wind. It will help you to have an appropriate body. Muscles and abs can be built only if you have some mass in yourself. You should eat bananas as it has many other benefits like…”

I was not interested in his banana’s thesis and cut him off and said, “Yes, yes sir. I know the all benefits. I will regularly have bananas. Thank you. Now I will take a leave.”

I ran from there as fast as I could because who knows that this bald intellectual encyclopaedia will become a knowledge spreading ant.
When I got out off gym I wondered what knowledge I grasped from him. Like if I will have bananas I will become as fat bellied as him and who knows I may turn bald too. The physique I possess is appropriate and can someone please acknowledge him with the fact that body shaming is a societal crime!

From there in I changed my way whenever I saw him approaching towards me.

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