Creative Writing Short Stories

“More or less, this world is dispassionate. It only believes in realism. Whatsoever can be detected; only that can be latent. The exquisiteness in nature can never be spotted in our eyes’ mirage. So, it has to be created and thereupon I have created one. It is a natural city which is brought out through the medium of ink in the spaces of 2099.”

Here it Begins:

I am a wandering soul in the uninhabited lands of Paradise. Yes, Paradise is the country to my Kingdom and concurrently Kingdom is the pen name of my city. The image of my Kingdom appeared in the forefront. It portrayed my city as a mini novella.

The authentic magic of my city lied in the greenery which is evenly diversified till techno domiciles. I am enduring in a province where green meadows are found just proximate to the doorstep. Off springs with their mates recreated themselves with the outdoor-technical games. Now, the games aren’t just clogged up to the automated screens whereas it has reached to the space of motherland. A virtual setup is composed and tangible tasks are to be accomplished by the minors. It exclusively allowed them to be physically fit coupled with the frolic in specialised technology.

I can now process my micro-computers and mobiles through jewellery, outfits, watches, furniture, cemented walls and through that every second object which lied in front of my vision. Wireless devices are now into trend which decorated my residence. It is all feasible due to naturally obtained energy. Every switch in the house has been matured into a remote. Basic techno facilities are now achievable to every citizen at affordable prices.

Robots are alive in every corner of the city and one resides at my place too. A battery is placed in his heart which makes him functional. I named him Grandpa as he progressively keeps on announcing my tasks to be performed. He cooks for me and fulfils my every petty desire. I am competent enough to achieve my targets only because he is existent at house to perform the domestic jobs.

Travel has been made complacent. In minutes, I can arrive at my destination which is conceivable due to battery operated auto-mobiles. Autopilots are prominent in every field of travel. Public transportation is in a hike but for predicaments I own a two-wheeler car which is driven by a digital setup. The batteries are rejuvenated by the solar sniffing plates placed at the locus of their charging points. My fully charged mini-car then has the capacity to run for 300 Km.

Hydro Energy has turned to be an effective medium for producing electricity. Usage of fuel has phased out as solar, wind and water power are now highly equipped to motorize multifarious appliances of high tech.

The education system has been wholly transported to web and digital devices. Paper extracted from trees has been eliminated. The traditional method of teacher-student relationship is also maintained without any discrepancies.

Agriculture has germinated as a profit originating occupation. The biodegradable wastes are formed as pesticides. Windmills have laid its hands on wind energy which could now be effortlessly piled up. It is enormously used by the implements of farming so as to prop out the healthy buds from crops.

Ayurveda is the trendiest amongst the medicines which is accompanied by a variety of mechanised equipments that matters to be the prized possessions of doctors’ multi dimensional theatres. Antidotes for many incurables have been discovered. The handicapped ones are given an access to terminate their deficiencies like blinds are granted with visionary spectacles, dumb ones are given an automated speaker who voices out their feelings and deaf individuals are being provided with a higher frequency of hearing aids.

The President of the Kingdom would be elected by the inhabitants and one with the majority of raised up hands will be announced as the King. In other words, I am dwelling in a democratic sphere. The main agenda of the President elected is to make the City abide by the rules and regulations which are contracted in the Books of Law. The motto laid for our King is: “President is a Leader; not the Ruler.”

Justice is not considered as a subject of Whale of Ignorance. Emotional as well as Materialistic criteria are given indistinguishable weight age.  The Victim is given a right to punish his Criminal. A girl if raped has the legitimate right to mummify the culprit alive and let him sustain in the flames of his sins. Social issues like poverty, unemployment, discrimination and so on will be technically detected and would be evicted in their respected universities. The roots of such evils for the society are meant to be abolished.

The culture is laid as a bed of roses. It mainly focuses on humans’ contentment. The primary rule of the customs laid is dynamicity. It will be prior to the changes when it undoubtedly happens to be rigid. Human Relationships are designated as the chief of the society. Love and Placidity are never questioned. Here, I am allowed to be an individual with the essence of my individualistic traits. I can live up to my choices and can strongly build my passionate connections.

Animals are in a friendly contact with humans. Forests and Cities follow their personalised lifestyle. None of them interfere in each other’s operation.

Technology and Nature, here, are pacing at parallel spaces to coordinate with the life riley of humans. Both live up to their own terms and conditions. Each of them has their own working space and synchronizingly, they extend their contribution to the city which directly makes the lives of humans worth living. Kingdom is a city of grey and green. It is designated as the city designed with beauty and brains. No deteriorations, no extinctions, only virgin births and continuous residents and the increasing population in my beautiful land will be provided with the new generation of inter-connected cities named as Heaven and Aqua.


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