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Dear Babies

Family Poetry and Letters
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Dear babies,

Why are you so captivating that if once you are seen then I can’t resist falling in love with you. You are innocent, adorable, natural, carefree, cherubic and lovable. I can define you with hundred of adjectives and still can’t stop admiring you. Your cute chubby smile is so seductive that anyone can lift you up and give a long peck on your cheeks. You are the only being with whom I can be my natural persona and can be as childish as I want to be. No one will dare to say that after being so mature, how can you act so childish? You are the only soul with whom I can re-live my childhood about which my memories are now faded. You are a sweet angel which can grab love from anyone. Can’t I be a soul amongst your gang?

                                                                                                                                                             Yours truly,
An Adult.

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