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Gift from First Salary

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I had an acceptance towards owning a proud demeanor for myself. Also, I felt that now I had the capability to present a token of love which would reflect my emotions of attachment, gratitude and respect towards them who were the pillars behind my first success.

So, to share my happiness, I landed with an idea to present a gift to my Grandparents which eventually happened to be a gift for the whole family.

Introduction of Gift: It was a customized Calendar, which mentioned the birth dates of each family member and happened to be the Memorable Days Calendar.  On the top, a center-aligned image of the person is placed. Just below the image, a tag is given to that person which happens to be the synonym of their identity. At last, a few words or precisely a quote was mentioned to adore that person.

First Page had the collage of every family member.

Second Page: 
14 January
Queen’s Day
“A person due to which the family is combined with love and warmth and there are nil effects of faults.”

Third Page:
27 February
Diva’s Day
“A person who strengthens the family bonds, enhances the colour of love and inspires by her motivating outlook.”

Fourth Page:
30 May
Beauteous Day
A woman who pampers her every moment celebrated in her girlhood as well as womanhood times.
21 April: Her Anniversary
11 April: Husband Birthday
12 February: Son’s Birthday
8 October: Daughter’s Birthday

Fifth Page:
9 July
Rockstar’s Day
A person who surrounds the family with care and happiness; and lightens up the house with enthusiastic charm.

Sixth Page:
26 August
Prince’s Day
“A person who allows to take decisive choices and be a practical person in being the shield and support of the family.

Seventh Page:
9 October
King’s Day
“A person who is the root of this family, bought it into existence and fabricated a royal living.

Eighth Page:
10 October
Blooming Day
“A day that rejuvenated the family with the bloom of new bonds and togetherness which elaborated the meaning of ‘Happily Ever After’.”

Ninth Page:
1 2 October
Admirable Day
A person who dwells in two families but manages to maintain equality in their love.
23 January: Her Anniversary
7 June: Husband Birthday
25 December: Daughter’s Birthday
18 October: Son’s Birthday

Tenth Page:
Angel’s Day
“A person who bought magic by her tiny steps and spread the heavenly touch by her dancing imprints.

Eleventh Page:
Paradisical’s Day
“A day which identifies the look ideal couple who were a standby for each other in the times of difficulties and maintained a blissful atmosphere which lead to a successful pathway for children.”

You can customize this gift as per any dates or days and as per any occasion. This happens to make a person nigh to you special with the blend of perfect creativity.


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