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It’s not compulsory to fit in!

A cup of ginger tea in the Winters, the sip of soda in Summers, the misty and mellowish fruitiness of Autumn and the plate full of fritters in Rain. You see? Every season has some muddles in it but humans always figure the ways out of it. Isn’t it?

But my friend, when it comes to our life struggles, problems and situation why do we fail to figure the ways out of it? Why do we often end up being depressed, helpless and hopeless? Why can’t we then discover our own ways of adding Jelly to the Donut? Yes it’s hard, but of course not impossible.

We always want to get things done, to get things work according to us and to get ourselves what we want. But what do we lag behind, that some of us often end up with a crucified decision—- Self harm, Self mutilation, and what not to curse their own self for not getting to fit in. Instead for realising that every situation makes us stronger each day; we end up blaming no-one but ourselves.

Well, life was never easy and wasn’t supposed to be. Our life isn’t given to us for running behind materialistic things which ends up at “showing off ” or pretending “how worthy we are”. Do we really need to do that? A big No, because we all are amazingly beautiful in our own ways. Then why we need to seek approval?

Believe me, living your life is as important as making it successful is. There are people who aren’t happy even after getting everything in their lives and there are also the people who are struggling, tussling, fighting and still living a life of happiness. The difference speaks the rest.

But yes again it’s not our fault, it’s the environment we have grown up into. I feel like now it’s a high time to talk about this— the society and its “temporary” rules. We have always been taught to be successful, to make money, to compete with others and to show up a perfect life outside no matter what goes on inside. Are you really up to these things just for the sake of society who dosen’t really cares for what you are, what you want to do, or how you want to be and what are your dreams?

It’s been an era of us thinking, “Log Kya Kahenge“, before every step we put forward. We keep being a puppet so that we’re considered being “Sanskari” to our family under the pressure society. Why? Are we seeking approval to live our own lives? Are we even supposed to do it? The society may pre-decide everything to offer comfort to us but it’s always us who decide to do what we do.

Living isn’t something that can be measured through earnings, success and the position we get (of course they are important at a certain point) but all these things makes us strive for more and more. We are so much drowned into those things that the society has fed our brains. With this psychology, we often end up forgetting to live. I believe, a highly professional university that will teach you every kind of knowledge, but when it comes to our happiness the pages seem blank.

Have we ever tried finding happiness in all sets of little things that takes place in our everyday life? No. Because we aren’t told to do so, why? What do we get after being bounded to all those things which have been a continuation since a long time? The two minutes of acceptance and a place to live in!

Success and failure are part of our lives, but we keep running behind success and don’t realise failing is “okay”. Not being okay is “okay”. Depression, Stress, Anxiety are all are real and “okay” to go through it because we are humans and not robots. But nowadays, it’s considered as an act of gaining sympathy. But on contrary, society judges and instead of being “sympathetic” and therefore, empathy has a long way to go.

For how long we will keep ourselves behind the bars? For how long will we keep breathing and not living? For how long will we take to realise that this is our life and we need no approval from others?

My friend, it’s your life, everything that you do and that happens to you is already “okay” and I am proud of you, the way you have handled yourself and the way you are shining each and every day. You are a miracle, you are the magic of universe and you have the universe inside yourself.

Things will happen; our lives will be just the way we want it to be. We will get everything in our lives that we have ever asked for because we will make it happen and we will stand strong despite every hurdle, criticism and everything that will come our way. But for that we need to build our brains strong. We need to build the integrity within ourselves and courage to be amazingly different instead of fitting into these rules of society.

Read and repeat it to yourself, I am important & is here for a reason where it’s not compulsory to fit in. I will create the change without giving up and every baby step I will put forward will be of my own. Things might take time, but sooner or later I will do something, that one day will make the arena shine.

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