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• Surprise Party: If you desire to celebrate an occasion on the behalf of the person who factually has an occasion to celebrate, then surprise him by planning a party. Decorate it, customise it and make it look heart whelming.

• Customise the Venue: If you want to make someone feel special, you can customize the venue that is being booked. Some examples can be like, getting the special one’s cut-outs placed at various corners, sketches or paintings that showcase what they are fond of or simply they can depict their anatomies and memories except pictures that is a major part of their life. All of it should be done in a way through which they can recollect their memories. You can plan it digitally as well as in a DIY manner. It can be completely executed in a way you want.

• Watch Set: If you are planning to gift a couple, you can handily pick up a watch set.

• Twinning Dress: Again if it it’s a couple or even he/she is your best friend, you can buy a same dress or dresses of same colour code or design. This will represent a sign of belongingness. It can be afforded in a low budgeted price too.

• Trip: Trips brings in new memories and gifting new memories will always make a person gleeful.

• Silver: It can be either a Puja Thali for their homely temple or Idols to worship, Dinner Set or Segregated Utensils, Clock, Ornaments and so on. This is possible to get it ready in other valuable stone too like Gold, Diamond, Ruby, etc.

• A Memorable Shoot: Gifting someone with Old Memories is evidently common, yet the most praised one. So, wonder about the fact, if they are gifted with new memories, they will be on cloud nine. Further on, you may get it developed in a form of cut-outs or make a digital video and present them.

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