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In times of such despair, chaos and havoc all around us; we can see how not just the governments but the world around us has come to a standstill. As the story circulates it all began in Wuhan, China; there’s still a lot of gaps to be filled and rumours to be shushed away. What was said to have started with the bat soup has now let to a huge disaster and may even tend to look like a coup. But well it’s not! It’s the nature’s fury, the giving back of what we have done to it. In a simpler sense as the memers like to say ‘it’s like nature is sending us back to our rooms to contemplate about our action. Corona virus! An infectious diseases that has the potential to destroy the human race like how Colins spray cleaner tagline says ‘Cleans to a shine’.

While we all are submerged in the phase of quarantine, in the initial days what seemed to look like grumbling for freedom, now just stands with claps for ourselves to tackle the problem smartly to come clean for a reason. Staying home never seemed so better than it is today. Keeping oneself aloof, in bed with the constant contact with our electronic devices, never may have looked like a solution for us to save the world. But while we are on it, we still have huge responsibilities to take off.

The current life we’re living is just another gigantic part of a historic event that’s going to be looked down for years. But while we see all the suffering because of the disease we still can’t over look the pain caused by the quarantine. The lower sections of society, the migrants don’t really get to see this period as an ample amount of quality time with family, but it’s more like getting to peddling down the street to reach back home that are miles away. Or even worst dying of hunger as their daily wages can’t suffice the needs of stocking up basic essentials of life.

“What you choose to do with your money shows whether you are truly powerful or powerless.” says Suze Orman. And that’s what’s precisely evident today. The clubbing up of funds for the migrants, the donation of building owned by individuals as isolation camps and also the volunteering done in order to reach out to the ones who can’t take charge of the current situation, it’s all the cherry on top which gives us hope in humanity.