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Every minute about 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. With that, it has billion of users which make it the second largest search engine after Google. Therefore, it’s a good idea if you are planning to make video content for your business and then uploading it to YouTube. You can portray your most of the information through the video content as you can compile the complicated large data in a simplified and sophisticated way.
The most important thing that you will need to own a successful YouTube channel is to have an understanding of who your audience is and what kind of material they are awaiting to watch. This way you will know that what type of video content can help you to increase your brand value. This might be done by providing entertainment, education, tricks and social connectivity related videos.
To avail the opportunity of earning fame and recognition through YouTube, here’s a list of points that will you to get started with it first.
1. Lay out a plan about what you want: Before actually stepping into this space, you need to know that how you are going to build your brand’s presence on YouTube. This will help you to decide that what type of videos you want to create and how to make it reach (or to be promoted) to the desired audience. If you have a plan developed in your mind then you will be sure about the content that you will create for your audience which they will like, subscribe, bookmark, and share with their acquaintances. With such act of progression, you will have good number of people who will find you as a trusted source for availing any information.
2. Create an Account: You need to have your Google Account so as to create your YouTube channel. You can directly login YouTube through the same. After your account has been successfully created, click on YouTube settings where you will find an option of Create your Channel. Click it. You will be asked to name your channel. You can use your brand name for the same which will make you all pervasive (easy to locate you everywhere). After you fill in the next asked basic credentials, your channel will be formed.
3. Channel Icon: In the channel icon box, you can upload the logo of your brand which is located at the top left of your channel page. In case, if you don’t have a logo then use a quality image that represents your business in a professional and well defined manner. Also, you can create a logo by an online application or by hiring a graphic designer.
4. About Section: After you fill out your profile, this is the first option that you will see. The about section is the best way to tell people that who are you and what your brand is about, what your brand does, where to find you and get in touch with your brand. Also, you may mention the links to all your social networks so that people can follow you on all those platforms. With all these links, you can add your official company’s website link.
5. Channel Art (Cover Photo): Whenever you go any YouTube Channel, you are always acknowledged by a large banner which defines the personality of that channel’s brand. So, the same is available to you that can be used wisely to portray your brand name and its value.
Be careful when you are choosing your channel art. You should prefer a simple design rather than a heavy design so that it stays consistent and is never out of trend so as to demonstrate your company’s branding. Also, make sure that you have the rights to use the image you have particularly selected. The most important thing that you should remember while choosing your channel art is that your photograph should be of 2560 x 1440 pixels and the maximum file size is of 4MB.
6. Create Videos: Pick up all the equipment, skills and confidence you have and go shoot a video for your YouTube Channel. Even if you have only a smartphone as your equipment, you can still make a really great video till the time you are providing some useful content. Don’t forget to put in your positive energy to get the best results.
7. Create Playlists: Once you’ve created a few videos, it’s a good idea to group the similar ones into a playlist on your channel. Also, give an apt title to your playlist so as to get a higher rank in Google’s search. Playlists will also motivate people to watch some more of your videos as they will see a list prepared which will make the content formed in series. In other context, they won’t be facing problems to surf and then watch your videos.

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