Dear Victims

Poetry and Letters Societal Evils
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Dear Victims,

How are you doing? I can wonder how would you be doing with mine conduct, after all, I am your disease, the destructor of your bloomy life. I am the one who never lets you rest with peace and ease and also I have ruined your sound sleeps. I will now hang around with you in all the stages of life; no matter how much you step afar from me. I guarantee that I will be smarter and will accessibly control you and your body. I warn you, that don’t let you and your family, friends and other acquaintances build an unbreakable bond because one day I will certainly take you away from them. We together will spend all our time till the extent of eternity. Yes, I am well acquainted with the fact that you aren’t in a state of bliss with me, but except my association you have no other option. I promise you to behold in my arms till the time you take your last breath. I know that you try to convince all your near bys that I can’t eradicate your well being then answer my one question, that why don’t you barricade having the pills and injections prescribed by your in-charged healer? This is because, in one way, you believe my powers. Maybe in certain circumstances you may attain freedom from my lock-up by hiring science as your lawyer and thereafter you will be at ease but never let it go out of your mind that I was your disease and could anytime attack at you again.

Yours truly,