Diary Letters


  • Pillow fights and caresses.
  • Tears and happiness.
  • Frowns and smiles.
  • Fights and make ups.
  • Arguments and agreements.
  • Desolations and togetherness.
  • Ups and downs.
  • Bad days and good days.

We went through all this but never thought of giving up on each other. These were the stages that were filled with sugar and spice but with everything nice. We have been an adorable couple and no matter whatever has cropped up to test the love in our relationship, we stayed by each other . We are immortally, intensely, profoundly and insanely in love with each other. We are nonetheless a fanatic romantic couple. We are friends, we are lovers, we are sweethearts, we are best of the best buddies, we are twin flames- Yes, we are soulmates!

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