Creative Writing Short Stories

Our 12th exams came to an end. Okay, this ‘our’ relates to me and my girlfriend. I am in the habit of talking about us together. Cute, no?

I was taken away by photography and she belonged to science family. My parents were not gratified with the ‘only’ qualification of photography because for them it wasn’t an expert degree and I won’t be able to attain a good place in the society. So, I gave in to my parent’s choice and decided to pursue with my professional training in photography. As I wasn’t much into the parents’ choice, so I decided to do it by dummy coaching and pursue a proficient coaching in photography from Delhi.

My girlfriend, as mentioned before, being a science student, arrived at a conclusion to move out to Chandigarh to pursue B.Sc.

She went there and settled in her hostel with 3 more as her roommates. She was jubilant to be in fresh surroundings and around her new friends. This made me also contented that she had settled and was happy.

After sometime, she explained the regular fights she had with her roommates to me. Initially, I took it casually, as it is conventional for the roommates to enter into conflicts. But the arguments sessions were increasing day by day. Our romantic conversations were turned to fight resolving discussion. This was frustrating me that she everyday cried in front of me. This couldn’t be handled anymore. So, I decided to call her roommates. She gave me their contact numbers if her couldn’t be contacted.

I called them during evening. They were luckily all together, so I needn’t had to call them separately.

I said “I had something important to talk with them.”

They said , “Go on with the matter.”

 I said that “You are roommates. You should not clash for every single thing. You are there far away from your parents, friends and us, so you are each other’s only support. Don’t be against each other on every single issue and be mature enough to resolve the things among yourselves. I hope you people understand what I am trying to convey.”

They gave me a positive response and said “Okay. We will take care of the matter and be mature.”

I was glad that they so easily understood me without any difference in opinion. I was relieved and was contented for my girl that she will now be glad and she would shower her love for what I did for her. I was waiting for a sweet voice to come across that side of the call. Finally her name flashed on my phone screen after 2 long hours. I picked it up at one ring.

I romantically said a long Hello.

She was not in romantic mood and fiercely shouted at m “How dare you?”

“What did I do, baby?” I spoke as sweet as I could.

“Don’t call me baby.” she replied in irritation.

“Okay, at least tell m that what I did?” I uttered in utmost confusion.

“You called my friends?” she shouted.

“Which friends?” I asked. I had no clue that what she was saying and why she is out of her fists.

“Oh! Now don’t try to act innocent. You called my friends around 6 and you said them they aren’t mature. You said they fuss with me without any logical reason. You even claimed them as wild cats. It’s so indecent of you. How could you do this to me and my friends? This wasn’t expected out of you.” She blabbered as she had written a speech and delivered it to me.

“No baby. It’s not the truth. I never called them as wild cats. You know me. I don’t disrespect girls. And how could…” I was pacifying her but she cut me short.

“Cut the crap. Who told you that my friends fuss with me? The things I used to share with you were normal discussions I had with them or at the maximum, you can say them as mere arguments. But fight, never! I and my friends have very cordial relations and there is no point of fighting.” She yelled at me as if it was entirely my fault.

“Baby, you only used to tell me that they always taunted you and stood against you and only because you groaned every day I normally confronted them. I didn’t blame them or used any filthy language.” I was still pacifying her even though deep within I knew she was lying and was taking her words back which once she said to me. Not only that, she was changing the entire story. But still due to love of mine for her I was pacifying.

My thought-process was cut-short by her.

“Enough of you. Now you will just lie instead of giving appropriate explanations. You disgraced my friends and that is not agreeable by me. This can’t work anymore. I am ending our relationship. Don’t ever dare to contact me.” She spoke with full confidence having no sense of remorse.

“What?” I almost yelled.

I got no response because the call was disconnected. I tried calling her again but after a ring the phone got disconnected. It means in fraction of seconds I was blocked. Also, from all the social media I was blocked.

I sat down in a corner. I relaxed for a while. I had a grin on my face because I found the entire situation in front of me just nonsensical and hilarious. I wondered that what exactly has happened, was it sensible enough? I was in a shock what sort of girl she was? At one point of time she was insanely in love with me and repeated the dialogue of not leaving me ever and at this point she had a break-up because of her so-called friends by virtue of whom she used to wail in front of me. Leaving this fact back, I had a light conversation with them that too for her sake and she is not capable enough to visualize that. I stood up for her good cheer but in return she ditched me. I must say, she regulates her brain to the utmost.

It’s rightly said, “It’s not the world where we could do something beneficial for someone.”