Poem That Touched My Heart

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The poem touched my heart was by ‘John Donne’; ‘The Good Morrow’. In this poem he wrote about women he loved, ‘Anne’. What basically does ‘The Good Morrow’ means? The literal meaning is Good Morning or a new day. The poet has this title for his poem because he finds the mutual love between him and his wife had made their life so exultant that it seems there is a new beginning of a phase in their lives.



This poem swayed my heart away due to the equal intensity of love of both the partners. It raised my faith on love that the sincere ones actually breathe in real life. Through this poem, the poet wants to convey that before he met his beloved, all friendships and relationships he had were merely a weak shadow of hers. They genuinely are now aware of what true love is by being together with each other. The love they have discovered is so equal that there is no fear of being apart due to any of the reasons. The poet confesses that when you are in love with someone, you completely neglect looking at anything else. It’s just the companionship of the loved one that even a small room seems identical to the whole world. He then makes a comparison of their both’s love with that of two hemispheres that together constitutes the Earth. He says that their love is not like the ‘Sharp North’ and ‘Declining West’. He says so because their love will never become as cold as the northern part of the Earth and neither their love will fade as there is the setting of the Sun in the west. The poet sums up by saying that their love is authentic and unified.

From this poem, I develop an optimistic view towards love. The sole company of your endeared one seems like the entire world lies with you. Just the love from that one person is sufficed to make you feel complete. It makes you aware that you need no other joys of everyday life because the joy received from the two-sided love is the richest. I realized that if true love exists, no obstacle could fade away the love of either of the partner. Love is lucid and enduring so it will never collapse with time.

If there are any expressions to love, this was the poem that described it all. I believe nothing more could define love so gracefully and evidently. Though, it’s said, love cannot be framed in words, it can be only be felt by heart but this poem elucidated the exact meaning of love through words.

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