Diary Short Stories


The Broken Tusk

“Very often, the exaggeration in relation to self opinion leads you to your own disgrace.”

Sage Vyasa was all set to write, The Great Indian Epic, ‘Mahabharta’  but he needed someone’s help to pen it. He asked Lord Ganesha for help. Lord Ganesha accepted the task although on a condition and that was Vyasa had to chant the tale without a pause and interruption. If there is any halt in the recitation then Lord Ganesha would cease his writing. Vyasa agreed upon Lord Ganesha’s condition but he too kept a condition that he should comprehend everything before he wrote it down. Ganesha accepted. Both of them settled themselves to put the epic in writing. Vyasa started off with the narration at a rapid speed and Lord Ganesha transcripted expeditiously.

Anyhow, Lord Ganesha’s pen broke down. He could not go on with the speed of sage’s recital. Lord Ganesha accepted that he had been a bit proud and underrated highbrowed skills of Maharishi. He silently broke off one of his tusks, dipped it in ink and worked with it as a pen. Whenever Vyasa was fatigued he would recite an especial arduous stanza. Ganesha spent a few seconds to perceive whatever Vyasa said and this way Maharishi would get a break. Lord Ganesha and Vyasa consumed 3 years to pen down this epic.

Through this mythological story, I wanted to convey you that if God himself can leave behind his proud demeaour then we are just humans. We worship him so we should learn from his various examples that how we should be sagacious and contemplative.

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