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Why This?

“Beauty lies in heart, not in appearances.”

This poem is on a story an Acid Attack Victim that how she bravely reacts even when she goes out of her luck and has an optimistic vision towards her life. She challenges the attackers and she isn’t petrified from them. She points at the society’s evil remarks and answers them that she will not let those remarks carve more blisters on her.

Here it Begins..

I still rock n’ roll to my own beats,

I still hymn the songs adored by me in intact disharmony.

But my daily routine activity is felt disintegrated for me as that of my features.

I still supply ornaments to glamorize me,

I still relish inheriting designer apparels.

But now I am no more conceived resplendent anymore.

I strive to be nigh to a man’s heartbeats and to be called out as his darling,

I highly yearn for couplet caresses and cuddles.

But I no longer match up the criteria in those lists.

I was physically scratched all over my face,

I became versed with all those injuries.

But what impaired me the ultimate was the mental ordeal springed by the society.

I have fascinations and my rainbows,

I have dreams and aspirations.

But even the glimpse of me scares off people so how can I be the member of same.

I was objectively bedevilled,

I was relinquished to be reduced to ashes.

But now I will let my heart ablaze you.

I am fabricating friends in my life, dear society;

I know you can’t withstand me.

But now the acid attack targets and the blinds are mine consorts.

I will not be dummied up anymore,

I will not underground my face.

But I will be a survivor who will be cognizant and be out of societal cuffs.


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