Talk and Heal

‘Mental Health’ and ‘Relationships’ is an inevitable part of life. But no one exactly understands the pain in the healing process though everyone goes through it. So, as a team of 11 individuals who are emotionally strong and are ready to serve for its literacy, Nanidiction takes an initiative where people can put forward their questions related to ‘Relationships’ and ‘Mental Health’ and we as a team will guide them through the problems. 


The queries will be received from all channels i.e., DMs of all the team members, Google Forms, comments on our respective posts, e-mails and so on. The problems we receive individually will be discussed in our group of emotionally balanced and creative minded people where the solutions will be taken out by the compilation of mutual perspectives. We need to be quick and responsive, so cases will be divided amongst the team members based on their expertise and knowledge.

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Talk Show:

  • The cases we solve will be presented in our new episodes. There are some cases which needs to be discussed as it can make a difference in other person’s life.
  • Interviews conducted with Psychiatrists, Academic Professors, Social Media Influencers and Personalities working in this field. We will pick up the generic and specialized cases and will talk about a practical approach of how to deal with the different mental health problems. Detailed and analytical self-help methods will be bought into limelight.

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